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BERLIN, 09. August 2022: We are delighted to welcome our new customer Anteraja, a logistics service provider with an extensive ecosystem across Indonesia. 

Anteraja are on course to become Indonesia's best logistics company with its focus on increasing convenience in delivery experiences for customers. 

Founded in 2019, Anteraja has become one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in Indonesia. Part of this success is that the company embraces powerful technology to power its services.

Anteraja needed a customizable promotion platform to help create seamless and highly personalized experiences for their customers. 

To cut development costs and time-to-market, they chose to add Talon.One to power promotions for their tech stack. This integration will enable them to execute a wider range of promotion campaigns compared to what was possible with their existing in-house capabilities.

Talon.One will support Anteraja with diverse promotional solutions including coupons, referrals, loyalty programs, and location-based promotions (geofencing).

Anteraja plans to use promotions to increase the number of repeat orders and reduce the number of inactive users significantly.

“Talon.One is excited to work with Anteraja to create outstanding delivery experiences for Indonesian customers,” said Chris Mills, VP of Sales at Talon.One.

The engineering team at Talon.One is working closely with Anteraja tech team on the initial configuration of coupons and referrals. Anteraja will also integrate with Talon.One’s partner MoEngage, so customers can benefit from timely and targeted messaging as they benefit from their relevant promotions.

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