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Talon.One powers coupons and discounts for beauty disruptor Beauty Pie

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BERLIN, 13. July 2023: We’re happy to welcome our new customer, Beauty Pie, an online-only membership based pureplay that’s disrupting how consumers shop for and discover new skincare and makeup products.

Founded in 2016 in London, Beauty Pie has raised approximately $170 million in two funding rounds, and has seen membership rates doubling year-over-year. 

Dubbed the “Amazon Prime” of the beauty industry, Beauty Pie gives members access to high-quality beauty products at transparent member prices. Customers pay a monthly subscription and gain access to a wide range of beauty products. According to Vogue, “Beauty Pie isn’t so much disrupting the industry as blowing it totally wide open.”

In search of a robust solution to engage its expanding member base, Beauty Pie partnered with Talon.One. This collaboration enables Beauty Pie to create personalized coupons and discounts for members, non-members, and employees, fostering a stronger connection with its customers.

With Talon.One's platform, Beauty Pie gains the capability to customize coupons and discounts based on various factors such as session or profile data, time, location, and currency. This level of customization empowers Beauty Pie to enhance customer retention and minimize churn rates, particularly after initial interactions.

By leveraging Talon.One's Rule Builder, Beauty Pie can create time-sensitive deals, urging users to take advantage of promotions within specific time frames. This strategic approach not only creates a sense of urgency but also encourages customers to engage with the brand promptly.


We’re thrilled to partner with Beauty Pie, and help take its innovative offering to the next level with unique perks and rewards for its customers. We’re looking forward to working closely and scaling together alongside the business’ growth.

- Chris Mills, Chief Revenue Officer at Talon.One.

Talon.One worked closely with commercetools and Segment to handle the configuration and integration processes, and Beauty Pie went live with its first Talon.One-powered promotion campaign in under three months.

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