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BERLIN, 01. September 2022: Coinme, a cryptocurrency startup company based in Seattle, Washington, has chosen Talon.One as their promotion platform, as they aim to create omnichannel promotional solutions.

Founded in 2014, Coimne is the largest cryptocurrency cash network in the US. They enable their customers to buy and sell crypto: 

  • Online, using their app.

  • At 21,000 locations, using debit cards or cash.

Their omnichannel approach to cryptocurrency makes it accessible to everyone, everywhere. 


As they engage their customers in both online and physical channels, they needed a promotion tool that was capable of rewarding customers with omnichannel solutions.

Taking an omnichannel approach to promotions, Talon.One will enable Coinme to build up a scalable referral program in order to increase customer retention and compete against similar cryptocurrency providers.

In addition to a referral program, they will use Talon.One to create a tier-based loyalty program, rewarding customers for their interactions with the brand. 

To top that off, Coinme will be able to use Talon.One’s Rule Builder to set their desired criteria, creating unlimited discount options for their customers.

Talon.One’s promotions help Coinme increase both average transaction size and the frequency of transactions. This is because Coinme can tailor all Talon.One’s promotional features to the very specific needs of their customers. 


“We’re happy to help Coinme increase their customer retention rate using our omnichannel promotions,” said Chris Mills, VP of Sales at Talon.One.

“Omnichannel promotions create a seamless customer experience, helping businesses engage with their customers at any touchpoints during their journey.” 

Talon.One and its tech partner Iterable are working closely with the engineering team in Coinme to make the integration process as fast and efficient as possible. The third-party integration with Talon.One’s partner Iterable empowers Coinme to create, optimize and measure every interaction taking place throughout the customer journey. 

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