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Dáme jídlo (Delivery Hero Group) has quickly become the largest food ordering platform in the Czech Republic. They deliver over 2000 orders per hour from restaurants in 167 towns and villages across the country.


Dáme jídlo, like many companies, had no promotional infrastructure in place when they started.

As they were growing very quickly in size, it became clear that they would need to be able to target their promotions in a more cost- effective way.

The method they had in place at that time involved extensive developer resources to build the complex promotion logic they needed.

Their marketing team needed to have reactive campaigns that would target very narrow market segments and also offer them more advanced CRM-centric processes.

Jan Pulkrábek

Head of Product & Development

“Why would we build a promotion infrastructure when we can just outsource it?”


Dáme jídlo wanted to have control of automated messaging on their mobile platform through Braze the CRM they were using.

Working with Talon.One, they sent their customer and session data to be converted into usable attributes for promotions and then connected their present BI and CRM tools.

With Talon.One they consolidated cross-department promotions into one platform and generated over a million single-use coupons.

Now they are able to effectively communicate offers and discounts to their customers in real-time and trigger coupons to be sent directly to customers.


Now the marketing team at Dáme jídlo are fully independent from their developers’ workflow.

This means they can work on creating and implementing campaigns while their developers can once again focus on their core product without interruptions. 

Today Dáme jídlo make up to 150,000 daily API requests.

These requests correspond to a huge variety of promotional activity in both constant and periodic campaigns, with much less effort than before. 

“Every time we prepare a new campaign, I’m surprised by a new feature that gets me thinking about what to build next.”

Anna Dufková

CRM & Marketing Automation

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