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Fractal’s campaign outreach increases 30% with Talon.One

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As a user acquisition partner, Fractal sources new users for their customers.

They also provide a reliable KYC (Know Your Customer) solution to protect against fraud.


Fractal identified referral incentives as the most effective way to encourage new users to sign up with their customers.

However, because Fractal hadn’t run referral programs before, they needed a comprehensive solution which could handle as many aspects of the overall operation as possible.

This included functions of their own backend. They also needed a platform that could be up and running as soon as possible.

Fractal needed a promotion solution that:

  • Was specifically built for/around APIs

  • Could go live in as short a timeframe as possible

  • Could set up new referral programs whenever needed

  • Allowed Fractal's team to invest engineer hours elsewhere

“We got Talon.One up and running within two weeks, which was a great result in itself.”

Júlio Santos, Chief Product Officer


Out of a pool of 35 potential service providers, Fractal chose Talon.One because we offer the most comprehensive referral system on the market.

Fractal needed an API-centric solution to ensure the best possible integration with their own endpoints.

Along with using the Promotion Engine as a control center for referrals, Fractal also uses Talon.One as an extension of their own backend to monitor campaign performance.

As their program develops, they will gradually move all backend functionality to their own system.

Talon.One helped Fractal:

  • Set up their major new project quickly and smoothly

  • Implement a solution that benefited their customers

  • Automate complicated backend processes 

  • Free up engineer hours in various setup processes

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