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Share Now launch their multi-tier mobility loyalty program

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Who are SHARE NOW?

SHARE NOW offer free-floating car sharing in cities across Europe.

They offer their members premium cars with 24/7 availability and all-inclusive rates.


Their Story

To differentiate themselves from other mobility options, SHARE NOW chose to implement a tiered loyalty program.

To offer their customers the most enticing experience, SHARE NOW needed a solution that supported multiple tiers with behavior-based point allocation. 

This would help drive maximum customer engagement and brand recognition.

Loyalty platform requirements

  • Support for multiple loyalty tiers

  • Full customization options for earning and redeeming points

  • Support for wide range of special rewards

  • Easy setup and quick launch

"Talon.One is our loyalty brain. Our developers have been able to save months’ worth of work because we can rely so completely on the product."

Raphael Stange

Chief Marketing, Customer Service and Sales Officer of Share Now


SHARE NOW chose to run their new customer rewards program on Talon.One’s Promotion Engine.

They opted for a four-tiered loyalty program that offers customers a range of exciting benefits.

Customers can access different benefits depending upon how much they use SHARE NOW’s services.

SHARE NOW Rewards gives customers 10 loyalty points for every $1 they spend.

Starting off in Blue tier, customers accumulate points to progress to Gold, Silver, and Diamond.

After moving up a tier, users stay in that tier for three months before moving back down.

Each loyalty tier comes with its own unique rewards and benefits, with better rewards in higher tiers to encourage participation.

Through SHARE NOW Rewards, Talon.One is helping SHARE NOW expand its audience with low acquisition costs and high lifetime value.


Special Loyalty Rewards

One of the most exciting features of SHARE NOW Rewards is the unique benefits offered to users in each loyalty tier.

Customers in Diamond tier, the highest loyalty tier in the program, get access to a wide range of VIP features.

This includes access to a VIP customer service line, 15 minutes bonus reservation time, and a 10€ birthday voucher, with additional rewards in the pipeline.

Without an advanced promotion platform to power the program, these features would be impossible to implement.

SHARE NOW Rewards uses an intricate system of tiered loyalty rewards to incentivize user behavior. The loyalty program uses a variety of gamification techniques and supports full customization for individual users based upon their loyalty point score. 


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