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Sunwing support team issues Talon.One vouchers from Zendesk

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Sunwing is a Canadian leisure airline with over 1,500 employees, offering flights from Canadian cities to over 73 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, and Central America.



Rebooking flights is a constant challenge for airlines. For Sunwing it’s very important that the rebooking process is secure and constantly monitored to avoid any losses or fraud.

But rebooking also needs to be easy for customers without overwhelming the Customer Support team with every canceled flight. 

To balance security, ease-of- use, and efficiency, Sunwing partnered with Talon.One to power their vouchers for rebooking flights. 

Now, Sunwing Customer Relations can easily create Talon.One coupon codes directly via their Customer Support ticketing tool, Zendesk.


Sunwing needed a promotion solution that:

  • Would integrate easily with Zendesk  

  • Could be easily used by customer support teams

  • Could cope with a complex coupon database

  • Was 100% secure from end-to-end and simple to manage

Instant Support in Zendesk 

On every Support Ticket, Customer Relations Agents can open a menu to create a new Talon.One voucher. 

The Agent may specify a few items, like the validity of the voucher and the relevant change fee. 

The Agent can then simply click “Create Voucher,” and the coupon is created via Talon.One’s Management API with all of the important details (like the Agent, value, airports valid, and more). It is then displayed in the original Support Ticket, as shown below:


Coupon Requests

Talon.One makes sure the request is valid upon creation, and then manages the redemption rules when the traveller redeems the coupon code. 

The coupon codes created via Zendesk work just like any other coupon code in Talon.One, and can be controlled and fully customized via our Rule Builder. 

This integration also ensures that Customer Relations Agents can stay focused on their interactions with customers through Zendesk. 

Furthermore, Talon.One ensures that Agents can only create appropriate volumes of coupons for each specific support case, with no room for user error or fraud.


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