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Getsafe is one of Europe’s fastest growing Insurtech startups that is disrupting the insurance industry by enabling customers to create much more personalized insurance packages on-demand.


Getsafe are pioneers in the Insurtech industry.

When they launched their app in 2017, they didn’t have any infrastructure for promotions in place.

They needed a referral program to help them achieve their ambitious growth goals.

As an early-stage company with customer-centred marketing strategies, they had very unique referral requirements.

They had considered building their own solution, but their highest priority was to keep all of their engineers fully focused on the development of their core-product, instead of maintaining referral programs.

Marius Bleasing

CTO of Getsafe

“I love that our marketers can log in and manage our campaigns in one platform, without distracting the developers.”


Getsafe now use Talon.One’s flexible rule builder and powerful webhook functionality to reward their existing customers and the friends they refer with their customized referral program.

The program triggers emails in their CRM and prevents fraudulent signups with 1:1 referral invitations.

Since going live with the platform, Getsafe now rely on Talon.One’s unique promotion logic to securely validate codes, track redemptions and automate sending emails with personalized coupon codes to their customers.


Within their first year, Getsafe was able to acquire hundreds of new customers using their current referral program.

This increase in customers has also generated a notably higher ROI for their business.

Talon.One provides a scalable API infrastructure so they can focus on developing new features and tactics to support their rapidly growing company.

They now also apply Talon.One’s flexible coupon code functionality to motivate sales with existing customers.

“Talon.One is a great platform and the referral program is a key piece of our growth strategy.”

Marius Bleasing

CTO of Getsafe

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