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BERLIN, 17. August 2021: Talon.One will work with GoodRx, the American healthcare company that operates a telemedicine platform.


Founded in 2011, the California-based company has a free-to-use website and app, tracking prescription medicine prices in the U.S. and offering discounts on medications. Their online platform checks over 75,000 pharmacies across the U.S.

Due to its focus on providing affordable and convenient healthcare, GoodRx has developed a huge customer base, with the GoodRx app becoming one of the most downloaded medical apps on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

As increasing customer retention rate is a key metric for GoodRx, they joined Talon.One to engage their customers with scalable and flexible promotions. Talon.One supports GoodRx with a variety of promotional features including coupons, discounts, loyalty program, and referrals.


Talon.One enables GoodRx to generate millions of discounted coupons automatically, getting them validated in milliseconds. 

Using Talon.One’s loyalty feature, GoodRx can easily track the points their customers earn and redeem. They can also add/remove points to/from specific profiles without any difficulty. 

As referral programs have proved to be super effective in helping businesses achieve revenue goals, GoodRx uses Talon.One’s referral features to reward both advocates and referred customers. 

“We’re excited to create impactful promotional solutions for GoodRx,” said Chris Mills, VP of Sales at Talon.One.

“Personalized promotions are super effective tools to help businesses such as GoodRx increase their customer retention rate.” 

Talon.One is collaborating with its partners including Braze and Segment to ensure the smooth implementation and constant maintenance of the promotions used by GoodRx.

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