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HappyFresh is Southeast Asia’s leading grocery delivery platform, connecting shoppers with a selection of high-quality grocery stores across Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Their Story

Grocery delivery is one of the rare industries that experienced rapid growth during the pandemic.

HappyFresh seized the opportunity, acquiring new users and expanding to three countries and 30+ grocery chains.


But as life returned to normal, they needed to keep their new users active on their platform. 

To increase user retention and activity, HappyFresh partnered with Talon.One to rapidly build a new loyalty program, HappyFresh Rewards.

With Talon.One’s enterprise-ready loyalty features, the entire loyalty integration process took only 1 month to develop, test, and release. 

Program Highlights

  • Customers can redeem points for discounts on purchases

  • Earning points unlocks loyalty tiers with benefits

  • The app displays the points needed to get to the next level

  • HappyFresh Rewards was built in only 1 month

“We’ve seen a lot more engagement and growth with our new loyalty program.”

Lina Afriana

Product Manager at HappyFresh

HappyFresh Rewards

HappyFresh Rewards is a points-based loyalty program where users earn points for purchases and then redeem as discounts.

Talon.One automatically manages added points and redemptions via our integration with HappyFresh’s backend.

With the program available to customers across multiple markets, Talon.One helps segregate the point value of each currency.

A comprehensive approach to effectively managing an international loyalty program.

At checkout, the user can decide to redeem points for a discount.

HappyFresh displays their current Talon.One point balance and then sends the selected point amount in the Talon.One session.

Our Rule Engine then calculates the discount value and notifies HappyFresh’s billing platform to decrease the price accordingly.


Gamification Features

In addition to redeeming points at checkout, HappyFresh also grants the user special benefits based on their loyalty tier.

These benefits include experienced personal shoppers, a VIP customer service hotline, and bonus vouchers.

The HappyFresh Rewards app uses gamification to maximize user engagement. With each user action in the app, Talon.One immediately updates the user’s ‘pending’ points to show the user exactly how many points remain to earn the next loyalty tier. 


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