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Spin the Wheel: HappyFresh increased repurchase rate by 14%


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South Asian online grocery platform HappyFresh leveled up its loyalty program by adding an engaging gamified element called Spin the Wheel. The feature used synergies between Braze and Talon.One to add rich functionality with minimal development.


Spin the wheel: Have fun & win rewards

HappyFresh has an effective loyalty program, which successfully keeps users active on their platform. Users that are active in their loyalty program have a 14% higher repurchase rate than average users. Because of this, HappyFresh wanted to find ways to get more points to more users — with the goal of driving even more activity. 

HappyFresh decided to gamify its loyalty program by using the benefits of Talon.One and Braze working together. The aim was to make customers feel like they ‘earned’ loyalty points rather than receiving them for free. When you feel like you’ve worked to earn something, you develop a greater sense of attachment to it. 

Gamification was a perfect option because it:

  • Was engaging enough to spark the attention of HappyFresh users.

  • Encouraged users to take action in order to gain points.

Spin the Wheel gives random rewards to users. They built a proof-of-concept version of the feature using Javascript but quickly realized that in order to make it engaging, they needed to have large ‘jackpots’ on offer. However, they couldn’t have huge rewards on offer if every prize had an equal probability because it would risk becoming far too expensive. The conclusion was to create an assigned probability for each prize to control the distribution of rewards. For this, they built an API, which gives out awards in the correct proportions. 

How does the integration work?

With the Braze customer engagement platform and Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, HappyFresh were able to get their Spin the Wheel feature up and running quickly and with minimal development time.

“Talon.One’s Management API is super organized and easy to digest. Everything you need is there.”

Yee Lynn Chan
Head of CRM at HappyFresh

Spin the Wheel is a simple but effective gamification element that led to a 14% increase in the repurchase rate for HappyFresh.

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