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Helloprint is Europe’s largest online printing platform that offers over 10 million product combinations with a database of 680,000 customers in over 10 European countries.


Helloprint needed to run highly personalized promotions based on demographics and customer profile history.

They wanted to be able to drive their promotions using customer interactions as variables to cross- and upsell their products.

The problem was, their internal promotion solution only offered them a small selection of campaign possibilities, limited scalability, was missing many dynamic features and didn’t give them any data overview for their coupons or campaigns, which made collecting their campaign data tedious and time-consuming. 

Nick Mahn

PPC Manager at Helloprint

“Honestly, I think Talon.One is the future of pricing and promotions. Their engine is essential for ecommerce”


With Talon.One’s API, Helloprint were able to include cart items and product attributes into all of their campaigns.

This allowed them to manage and use these attributes for their promotions in real-time.

The API was also used to send notifications to users in specific segments defined with the integration team so customers received little nudges at each critical moment in their journey.


Now developer resources are not needed to launch or modify any Promotions at Helloprint.

This means their marketing team can execute new promotions from one moment to the next, which gives them huge flexibility.

They can now create much more granular campaigns for users, including SKU-based discounts, bundles, and even send dynamic notifications that enable them to effectively cross- and upsell their product inventory.

“It’s fascinating how much flexibility and freedom we have now when we create new campaigns”

Nick Mahn

PPC Manager at Helloprint

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