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Jüsto build 30+ coupon campaigns in 1 month with Talon.One

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How Jüsto Built More Than 30 Coupon Campaigns in 1 Month with Talon.One

Find out how Jüsto built their successful campaigns so quickly in the Campaign Manager.

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Who are Jüsto?

Jüsto is a delivery only, dark grocery store from Mexico.

The company quickly found success in 2020 and has become the leading online supermarket in Latin America.

Offering high quality products to customers and delivery to their doorstep.

Their Challenge

With an ambitious motto: "We want to revolutionize Supermarkets in Latin America" Jüsto quickly established itself as a key player in Mexico City.

The company is now looking to expand and grow its model to other cities and countries.

Jüsto promises customers that the experience of buying with them is like going to the supermarket, while always providing fresh produce and a large selection of products.

This has brought Jüsto a dilemma, how could they capitalize on their product selection and build personalized promotions for each product, without sacrificing on scalability? 

Jüsto needed a solution that:

  1. Could be managed exclusively by their marketers
  2. Offered easily customizable coupons that could be tracked 
  3. Had a variety of promotion features for future campaigns
  4. Handled complex cart item discounts & calculations

“The possibility to upscale our coupon campaigns with our rapid growth is very impressive”

Juan Pablo Saldaña

Head of Growth & CX at Jüsto

“The possibility to upscale our coupon campaigns with our rapid growth is very impressive”

Head of Growth & CX at Jüsto


Jüsto integrated their product with Talon.One's Promotion Engine and used 

the Coupon Features to release more than 30 coupon campaigns. 

And all of this in the span of just one month.

Jüsto wanted to create campaigns to boost sales of a specific selection of products, while taking advantage of major sporting events. 

Rule Builder Coupon Campaign Jüsto Case Study

With Talon.One's Campaign Manager Jüsto can easily create coupon campaigns which are available to the buyer for a limited time and automatically expire on the date Jüsto’s team set.

Ready to Scale with Talon.One

Apart from these 30+ coupon campaigns that Jüsto are now running, they’re also working on a number of other great incentives for their customers to shop exclusively with them which they’ll power with Talon.One’s Promotion Engine. 

Here are just a few of the initiatives they are now able to leverage: 

  • Cashback Campaigns
  • Referrals
  • Different reward tiers (depending on customer segment)
  • Customer Wallets
  • Free products Deals
  • Add free/heavily-discounted products to cart
  • Flash sales (time-limited heavy discounts on certain items/categories)
  • Free shipping
Jüsto Case Study: 30+ Coupon Campaigns Built in Just 1 Month
How Jüsto Built More Than 30 Coupon Campaigns in 1 Month with Talon.One
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