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Jüsto Increases Basket Value by 25% with Talon.One and Braze

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Who are Jüsto?

Jüsto is a delivery only, dark grocery store from Mexico.

The company quickly found success in 2020 and has become the leading online supermarket in Latin America.

Offering high quality products to customers and delivery to their doorstep.

Jüsto's Challenge

Jüsto quickly established themselves as key players in grocery delivery in Mexico City.

Their business model is 100% digital, cooperating with small providers to sell their products.

Jüsto promises customers convenience, while always providing fresh produce and a large selection of products. 

Jüsto’s biggest challenge is how to capitalize on their product selection, building personalized promotions for each product, without sacrificing on scalability.

They needed to engage their customers, increase repeat purchases, and improve their customer retention metrics.

Jüsto needed a solution that:

  1. Could be managed exclusively by their marketers
  2. Could be granularly personalized without sacrificing on scalability
  3. Synced with Braze to generate coupons in push notifications
  4. Handled complex cart item discounts & calculations

“The possibility to upscale our coupon campaigns with our rapid growth is very impressive”

Juan Pablo Saldaña

Head of Growth & CX at Jüsto

“The possibility to upscale our coupon campaigns with our rapid growth is very impressive”

Head of Growth & CX at Jüsto


Jüsto launched their HOT SALE campaign, the biggest sales event in Mexico that brings together the best companies to sell their products and services online.

For Jüsto’s campaign, if users make a purchase over 1000 pesos (with a max discount of 2000 pesos), they receive a coupon delivered via Braze to the user.

The coupon can then be used in the next 3 purchases the following month. In each of these purchases, the customer can use 33% of the coupon’s total value.

Ready to Scale with Talon.One

Jüsto can now create endless incentives for their customers, and deliver them at key moments in their customers’ journeys with Braze’s Customer Engagement Platform and Talon.One’s Promotion Engine. 

Initiatives Jüsto can leverage now: 

  • Cashback Campaigns
  • Referrals
  • Different reward tiers (depending on customer segment)
  • Customer Wallets
  • Free products Deals
  • Add free/heavily-discounted products to cart
  • Flash sales (time-limited heavy discounts on certain items/categories)
  • Free delivery
Jüsto and Braze Case Study: 25% Increase in Basket Value
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