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After integrating their shop system with Talon.One, Casper gained new control over their promotions.

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Casper shook up the sleep industry with a better way to pack and sell mattresses online and is now valued at over 1 Billion Euros. Now established worldwide, Casper have a direct-to-consumer approach in marketing strategies.


Promotions are an essential piece of Casper’s successful marketing strategy.

Their old system for coupon codes and promotions was fairly inflexible and time-consuming for developers.

Their marketers’ creativity was being limited by this system and as they were growing rapidly, they knew there had to be a better way to run their campaigns.

Casper wanted to use coupons in more creative ways to attract customers and reduce promotion costs, but they needed a secure, scalable infrastructure that would help them with a huge code database.

“We love the flexibility it gives us. I really can’t imagine going back to our old system.”

Eloise Howard

Ad Operations Specialist

“We love the flexibility it gives us. I really can’t imagine going back to our old system.”

Ad Operations Specialist


Now Casper use Talon.One’s unified platform across all departments, generating and managing codes for over 120 campaigns in 8 country markets.

During the integration Casper's team were shown how to securely validate and use unique coupon attributes to improve tracking millions of code redemptions.

With their new infrastructure, Casper have improved customer retention and maximized their strategic planning potential.

Because of the Rule Builder’s capabilities, they can now create highly targeted, personalized offers and support teams have instant access to coupon code data to solve support cases faster and increase customer satisfaction.

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