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Over 36 million coupons delivered with Braze and Talon.One

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36 Million Coupons: Braze & Talon.One Cooperation

Discover the huge business benefits of a Braze and Talon.One integration.

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What is Braze?

Braze is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love. Customers are engaged and informed via push notifications, email, in-app banners, and more.

Our Partnership

Braze and Talon.One teamed up so businesses can automate the creation of coupons and deliver them straight to specific customer segments.

Using the connected content feature in Braze, you can simply trigger the coupon creation endpoint in Talon.One. 

Once you’re integrated, you can use Braze liquid-tags to link a customer ID to the coupon code and attach attributes to it.

On top of this, you can notify customers about actions that lead to custom rewards you’ve built in Talon.One. 

With Braze & Talon.One you can:

  1. Offer unique coupon codes based on your user audiences
  2. Deliver notifications related to your live promotions
  3. Validate promo codes against customer attributes & orders
  4. Send referral codes or add loyalty points to customer accounts 

“It’s just a lot easier to reach our customers straight away with the integration.”

Hesham Elnakhlawy

Product Lead at Delivery Hero

“It’s just a lot easier to reach our customers straight away with the integration.”

Product Lead at Delivery Hero

Their Story

Delivery Hero’s brands were already integrated with Braze, but needed to send coupon codes and promo notifications to large segments.

With Talon.One this use case was simple to implement at scale

Using the Connected Content feature in Braze, coupons can be generated with Talon.One, and liquid-tags allow unique IDs and custom attributes to be linked to each of the coupons they sent. 

Delivery Hero's integration helped them:

  1. Trigger Talon.One promotion effects through Braze
  2. Send millions of targeted coupon codes to customer segments 
  3. Link customer IDs, dates and redemption limits to coupons
  4. Notify customers of promotion validations at a huge scale
Braze Case Study: Millions of Coupons for Customers
36 Million Coupons: Braze & Talon.One Cooperation
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