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Delivery Hero Group’s, PedidosYa processes millions of online food orders every month from 7 South American countries. Every day they deliver customers meals made in over 15,000 restaurants across the continent.


PedidosYa had a coupon system that was outdated and did not allow the flexibility to support the top rated customer experience they wanted to deliver.

Marketers were restricted to extremely basic discount strategies, and coupons were costly for them due to issues with fraud.

They needed to have a promotional infrastructure that would scale with their company’s rapid growth, deliver important features that they were missing to target customers more effectively and design modern campaigns that resonated with their clients.

Adam Mallat

Product Owner

“They changed our lives! With their Rule Builder, we can run even smarter campaigns without the extra development work”


PedidosYa’s tech and marketing team discussed their new ideas for campaigns and the variables they would need to control.

They then integrated this data into the rule builder, which allowed them to trigger effects for very specific time, location and interaction discounts.

Talon.One helped them convert their real-time data into promotion variables and securely integrate all of their current customer data.

These new campaigns increased customer spending and also heavily reduced the amount of development costs.


PedidosYa now have full access to all their customer profile, real-time and session data in each of their campaigns.

This helped them create compelling promotions that capture the hearts and minds of their public.

Now their developers can focus on maintaining their constantly expanding delivery business so they can run 24/7 and provide great support to their clients.

“With Talon.One we can create really flexible campaigns that help us deliver a unique experience for our customers.”

Adam Mallat

Product Owner

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