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Smava were the first Peer-to-Peer Credit company on the market and they now provide over 1 Billion euros in credit every year. In 2019 they are now a credit lending platform that offers transparent and fairly priced credit to the public.   


Smava needed to have a referral system that would be compatible with their complex fintech backend system, which had to comply to strict data protection and security policies, make calculations with currency values and included many 3rd party integrations with various inflexible reporting agencies.

Smava needed a system to create time-delayed rewards for referrals.

On top of this Smava also needed to be able to create time-delayed referrals so that advocates would only receive a reward for making a referral once their friend’s  2-week cancellation phase had ended. 

“Building our referral program with Talon.One let us run campaigns securely and smoothly with no development help"

Alexander Artopé

CEO of Smava

“Building our referral program with Talon.One let us run campaigns securely and smoothly with no development help"

CEO of Smava


Using a Java SDK from Talon.One’s library the integration process was relatively simple. The first stage was to create and authenticate API keys on Smava’s end, which then allowed them to set up their API references.

They also had to ensure that all their new promotions would be completely GDPR compliant.

Smava then built simple Rules that only reward advocates after their friend’s cancellation phase has ended, and by using hashed values they allow their users to remain anonymous.

Fintech Case Study: Smava Boost Performance with Referrals
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