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Vuclip is one of the biggest video-on-demand services in Asia, with 500 employees worldwide, more than 10 million premium subscribers and a catalogue of over 1 million titles in 25 different languages. 



Vuclip had built themselves an in-house promotion system, which had begun to lack the features and the flexibility to scale they needed for their growing client base.

Simple features, such as real-time campaign data and single-use coupons just weren’t possible.

They needed to have flexible and targeted promotions to be able to keep up with their own strict product roadmap and competitors, with an overview of their campaigns so they could monitor their progress and see which campaigns were working better than others.

"It’s amazing how simple it is to set up really high volume campaigns in such a short time."

Sujay Phadtare

Head of Product of Vuclip


Vuclip first integrated their data for customer profiles and sessions so they could use these typical client attributes in the Rule Engine for their new promotions.  

It was important for them to migrate all their ‘legacy’ data to the new system so that they wouldn’t lose any of their currently existing promotions.

With the quick rebuild of their legacy system Vuclip were then able to focus on optimizing and improving targeting on their campaigns.

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