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Talks overview


INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


Incentivize anything, anytime, anywhere

At INCENTIVIZE, Christoph shared why incentives are the capability brands need to win in the new marketing world we find ourselves in, the risks of getting them wrong, and why promotions and loyalty should be an organization-wide priority.

He also gave an insight into Talon.One's origins, based on the challenges he faced in his previous life as founder of Lieferando - one of Europe’s first and most successful food delivery apps.

INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


The new luxury: How to build a cult following

As founder of cult luxury streetwear brand Highsnobiety, David has a front row seat - and sometimes a hand influencing - the trends shaping today’s consumer behavior.

At INCENTIVIZE, he spoke about the new luxury, how this is reshaping customer loyalty, and how brands can build cult followings, with references from Balenciaga to Stanley Cups.

INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


AI: The secret weapon for customer loyalty and trust

In this session, Marissa dove into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence as a tool for enhancing customer loyalty and trust. She shares how AI, with its predictive analytics and personalized communication capabilities, can be harnessed to understand customer behavior, anticipate needs, and deliver personalized experiences.

INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


Practically personalized in every way

A practical look at personalization: David takes a fun, gamified look at how to (finally) personalize. Based on learnings from hundreds of interviews for his book, The Person in Personalization, as well as best-in-class examples from promotions & loyalty programs, he shares why personalization shouldn't be about tactics, but strategy - all while drawing parallels from Mary Poppins.


INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


How to measure loyalty program ROI (and prove it to your CFO)

Led by industry thought leader Philip Shelper, this masterclass offers a framework to calculate and deliver positive ROI with your loyalty program.

Philip covers loyalty program commercial modelling, best-in-class models to measure financial benefits, other ways loyalty programs generate revenue, plus advice on how to get internal buy-in across teams.


INCENTIVIZE Speakers Agenda


The future of loyalty

In this session, loyalty leaders from Forrester, Loyalty & Reward Co, Footasylum and Apply Digital shared their learnings on how changing consumer behavior, loyalty technology, and Gen Z are impacting the future of loyalty.

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