Boosting Your Customer Data Strategy: How to Use Loyalty Data in a Cookieless Future

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18 September 2023


12:00 pm CEST



What to expect

In light of the deprecation of third-party cookies, brands are facing a shift in how they gather and use customer data. This evolution requires a strategic focus on alternative data sources to maintain data-driven approaches while upholding privacy. First-party data, which is collected directly from users interacting with a company's website or app, is emerging as a key pillar in this cookieless landscape.

A loyalty program is one of the best methods to collect first-party data and serves as an effective countermeasure to the cookie deprecation challenge. Loyalty programs enable brands to establish direct relationships with their customers, allowing them to gather data about preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns. Unlike third-party cookies that track users across websites, loyalty data provides a comprehensive understanding of individual customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Using loyalty data in a cookieless future
Loyalty example Talon.One

What you’ll learn:


The cookieless future demands the shift to first-party data to maintain effective customer engagement strategies


Loyalty programs as data collectors enable brands to leverage voluntary data sharing


Balancing personalization and privacy to ensure personalized experiences without being intrusive


Mark Johnson Loyalty360

Mark Johnson

@ Loyalty360
As CEO of Loyalty360, Mark is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. To further this goal, he has created an unbiased, market-driven clearinghouse and think tank through which users and loyalty providers can interact and collaborate with. His finger on the pulse of what’s happening in loyalty, Mark is driven to give members the expert insight and guidance they need to develop strategies and implement programs that effectively engage their customers and employees and build stronger relationships with them.
Christian Stein, Tealium

Christian Stein

Director Technical Partnerships EMEA
@ Tealium
Christian Stein is Director Technical Partnerships EMEA at Tealium. With more than 12 years of experience in software engineering, sales engineering and solution consulting, he helps companies move to a data-driven marketing approach by bringing together the right partners across multiple disciplines in Digital Marketing. In doing so, he enables unique and personalised customer experiences for end consumers.
Sam Director of Industry Strategy Talon.One

Sam Panzer

Director of Industry Strategy
@ Talon.One
Sam Panzer leads loyalty strategy at Talon.One, helping brands assess the business potential of investing in headless loyalty technology. Sam has been with Talon.One for 4 years supporting brands like Adidas, REI, River Island, Live Nation, and Burger King to optimize their promotional spend and engineer experiences that drive customer engagement and repeat purchases. He brings a depth of experience and knowledge of how the world’s most beloved brands incentivize & reward users to build an emotional bond.

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