With MoEngage and Talon.One, brands can now understand consumer behavior and enrich campaigns with personalized rewards and loyalty programs.

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform, built for the user-obsessed marketer. With in-depth analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration and personalization capabilities, MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale across mobile, email, web, SMS, and messaging channels.


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Easily build loyalty initiatives for customers and increase CLV.

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Partner with Talon.One to grow your service offerings, earn revenue and help customers implement engaging promotions at key points in their customer lifecycle.

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Braze, Salesforce, Segment and Mailchimp integrations

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Talon.One's Promotion Engine can solve all your coupon, discount, loyalty, referral and product bundling challenges.

Integrating with 3rd party software is very simple and lets you manage and deliver your promotions in a range of new ways.

Drive revenue with personalized marketing campaigns
Act on purchase intent signals such as cart abandonment, wishlist adds, or product searches with custom discounts to encourage conversions. Automate notifications to deliver these custom coupons or discount offers, and trigger engagement based on user behavior.
Tap into the right target segment to maximize upselling
Leverage the rich profiles on MoEngage with attributes like customer preferences to create meaningful referral and loyalty programs. Whether they are discount oriented, or high net worth individuals you can assign granular campaign interactions to these promotional offers allowing your teams to understand customer preferences. Feed this data back into MoEngage to further complement your customer profiles.
Tap into the right target segment to maximize upselling
Deep-dive into customer behavior using MoEngage and identify the right target segment for promoting your product bundles. Increase your upselling potential by triggering referrals or bundle notifications for each segment using Talon.One, and dynamically show customers what they need to do to qualify for their incentives.

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