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How Tableau works

Tableau empower their clients to cross-reference and analyze any data. Through 3rd party integrations and internal business data collection, companies can build their own customized dashboards unique to each department.

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What we can do together

With your Talon.One integration you can gain a better understanding of your clients to know the best moments to catch their attention and compel them to spend more. Then by linking various data points to your Promotion Engine you'll be able to efficiently automate notifications and promotion solutions to be triggered by any events or actions your users perform.

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Partner with Talon.One to grow your service offerings, earn revenue and help customers implement engaging promotions at key points in their customer lifecycle. All our customers & partners receive

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Access to the latest content and promotion insights

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Priority customer support and dedicated agency contacts

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Sponsored marketing opportunities

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Scale your productivity

Talon.One's Promotion Engine can solve all your coupon, discount, loyalty, referral and product bundling challenges. Integrating with 3rd party software is very simple and lets you manage and deliver your promotions in a range of new ways.

Need to build more engaging incentive programs?

Open up a world of possibilities in your campaigns with Talon.One

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