A personalized plan for every size business

Our plans are based on your use of data volume. There is no limitation on any features or API calls.
Starter package for Talon.One's sales promotion creation and management service


All the essentials you need to build and manage powerful promotion campaigns.
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Professional plan for promotion incentives for big businesses


Extended data volume to set up and manage campaigns across multiple departments.
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Enterprise package built to support worldwide brands in their sales promotions


For worldwide heavy data volume, SLAs, 24/7 support and enterprise-grade security.
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Included in every package

An incredibly feature-rich and intuitive API for developers, with an easy-to-manage user interface for your business teams.

What marketers love to hear

  • All-in-One Platform
    Create, combine, manage and track all your campaigns in one place. Monitor real-time campaign data and make informed campaign decisions.
  • 3rd Party Tool Integration
    Easily connect tools like Braze and send real-time data to your BI systems and in-house tools seamlessly.
  • Automate Everything
    Budget, time and redemption limits per customer, payment method or device. No overspending or constantly checking the status of your campaigns.
  • Unique & Customizable Attributes
    Turn any data about your customers or sessions into usable attributes for every promotion. The applications are endless.
  • Cart/Basket Filtering
    No more syncing databases or applying discounts per item, simply apply filters that trigger discounts directly to the items in your user’s shopping cart.
  • User Management
    Decide who has full control of creating or approving and activating promotions to prevent the possibility for mistakes or in-company fraud.
  • Notification Effects
    Up-sell and Cross-sell more frequently with automated banners and pop-ups that guide your users with special offers or rewards when they spend more.
  • Built-in Wallet Feature
    Reward and keep track of any type of point, currency or stamp for your customers to redeem when they come back to see you.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Use precise or area-based location data in your promotions. Delivery location discounts, start & end point rewards or move your brand into new zones.

    What developers like to see

    • Flexible & Extensive APIs
      Complete data integration, a feature-rich Management API and simple connection with API endpoints.
    • In-Depth Dev Docs
      Filled with all the resources you’ll need to integrate your system and understand our APIs and system architecture at Talon.One.
    • On-Hand Integration Engineer
      Integrate your system easily and effectively with all the extra help you could need from our in-house expert.
    • Open Source SDKs
      Easily accessible SDKs that anyone can download, use and share for free. Making API integrations much simpler to set up for everyone.
    • Staging Environment
      A dedicated sandbox application to test promotions and feature integration before implementing any changes to your production environment.
    • API Testing Interface
      Quickly and easily debug any API integration issues with our simple visual interface.
    • Monitor Real-Time Data
      View any customer, session and event data directly in Talon.One’s web UI for a better overview of all the processes.
    • Transparent API Data Logs
      Use our online user interface to view all sent and received data via the APIs. With all Integration API and Webhook logs.

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