13 Jun 2023

23 must-know customer loyalty statistics for 2023

Reza Javanian

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Customer loyalty between shops and brands

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With customer acquisition becoming increasingly expensive, it’s clear that a renewed focus on retention and loyalty technology is high on brands’ agenda for 2023 and beyond. Customer loyalty is key for businesses looking to boost engagement while maintaining profitability - a vital combination given current economic headwinds.

Below, we’ve gathered some essential customer loyalty statistics to keep in mind when thinking about loyalty in 2023.

23 customer loyalty statistics you need to know

  • In 2022, the average U.S. consumer belonged to 16.6 loyalty programs - but used just a little less than half of those. (Statista

  • Consumers cited the time it takes to redeem rewards as their biggest pet peeve when it comes to loyalty or rewards programs, followed by the difficulty in earning rewards. (Statista)

  • Brands that incorporate gamification into their customer engagement strategies see a 47% rise in engagement, a 22% rise in brand loyalty, and a 15% rise in brand awareness. (Snipp)

  • When buying from cosmetic brands, 40% of customers say a retailer’s ability to offer consistent online and in-store promotions impacts their shopping decision. (PFS)

  • 65% of US online consumers who belong to loyalty programs say that members-only offers are important to them. (Forrester)

  •  71% of brands that use omnichannel loyalty programs said transaction volume spurred by these programs increased by more than 50% over the previous years. (Mega Store)

  • 69% of consumers say choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty or rewards program points. (Invesp)

  • 60% of consumers aged 18-24 say they like point-based loyalty schemes, with 20% saying they would stop shopping from certain brands if they were to end their loyalty scheme. (Deloitte)

  • Brands that create personalized experiences by integrating advanced digital technologies and proprietary data for customers are seeing revenue increase by 6% to 10%. (BCG)

  • 48% of consumers aged 18-24 expect their loyalty scheme to provide them with helpful suggestions and rewards (e.g. receiving vouchers and coupons on products they buy regularly). (Deloitte)

  • 71% of consumers expect companies to interact with them on a personalized level. (McKinsey)

  • 62% of online shoppers said that a brand would lose their loyalty if it delivered an unpersonalized experience. (Statista

  • 3 out of 4 members of top-performing loyalty programs changed their behavior to generate more value for businesses: 64% were more likely to purchase more frequently, while 50% would recommend the brand.  (McKinsey)

  • Companies without a fallback privacy-centric infrastructure (e.g. first-party data or data clean rooms) are likely to spend 10–20% more on marketing efforts to make up for loss of third-party data from new regulations and policies. (McKinsey)

  • 88% of executives agree that customer engagement has a significant impact on their organization’s bottom line. (Intercom)

  • 60% of business executives feel their organizations aren’t sending the right message at the right time. (HBR/Intercom)

  • Receiving value during a service interaction increases the likelihood of sharing positive word of mouth by 97%, and increases wallet share by 86%. (Gartner)

  • 62% of customers say they feel an emotional connection to the brands they buy. (Salesforce)

  • Consumers spend an average of $132 a month with retailers that have earned their loyalty, compared with just $71 a month on brands they give lower ratings to. (Bain & Company

  • 69% of businesses are looking to increase their sales by reducing the time their customers spend during checkout. (Retail Bum)

  • When a business achieves a 7% increase in brand loyalty, a customer’s CLV can rise by 85%. (Fortunly)

  •  42% of consumers crave a consistent and unified brand experience regardless of channel — and this matters the most to Gen Z and Millenials. (Oracle)

  • In the face of an upcoming recession, 67% of businesses say they are focused on retaining current customers over acquiring new ones right now. (VentureBeat)

It’s clear that customers now expect more from the brands they engage with, especially when many are changing their shopping habits and spending less. To prevent shoppers from going elsewhere, brands need to offer more than just traditional discounts - and instead offer value right across the customer journey. 

Check out our “Definitive Guide to Customer Loyalty” to learn more and see how to stay ahead of the competition in 2023. 

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