Jan 18, 2023

5 ways to optimize ecommerce conversions with promotions

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5 ways to optimize ecommerce conversions

How can you optimize conversion rates with promotions? It's a lot easier than you think.

To help you get started we're going to analyze the product page of a popular eCommerce shop and share actual campaign ideas to incorporate in your promotion marketing strategy.

Start with your data

Let’s dive in and look at a leader in online retail, Zalando. Every business is unique, but chances are you have a similar product page and checkout process.


Source: Zalando

You can use any of these data points to build your promotions:

  • Gender (Male)

  • Category (Sale, Shoes, Sports)

  • Product Type (Sports Shoes)

  • Product Details (Brand, Colour, Size)

  • Pricing (Price Range)


Source: Zalando

And to enrich customer profiles:

  • Customer session (items viewed, session length, etc).

  • Shipping Address (location)

  • Cart Size (number of items, value)

  • Profile (registration, email, name, etc.)

We can see there are several required data points that can be leveraged to build a variety of promotions (e.g. 5% discount for orders placed in Berlin).

Based on this data, you can also identify key areas in the checkout flow to be optimized with promotions like real-time discounts, coupons codes, or product bundles.

Building promotions with your data

How easy is it to build targeted promotions with a Promotion Engine like Talon.One? As easy as identifying data points (above), testing and integrating our API, and designing your campaign strategy (below).

If you are collecting important customer data with your CRM, that means you are already doing most of the work.

Once you integrate with Talon.One and feed your data points like product details, customer attributes, events, profile IDs, session info, etc. through the Promotion Engine, you can build any kind of promotional campaign.

Now you can build precise and targeted promotions - it is not more complex to send 1 to 4 data points.

5 Promotion Ideas to Optimize Conversions

Now that you have identified your key data points, here are some promotion ideas to help you increase conversions.

1. Real-time Discount

  • Idea: If a customer places at least 1 item over 100€ in cart and clicks “checkout”, display a popup for 10% off a related item in same category.

  • Data Points: Session created, customer registered, Category ID, Item in cart, Cart total

2. Shipping Discount

  • Idea: Give customers free shipping if the total order value exceeds 200€ based on the shipping address.

  • Data Points: Shipping Address, Order Value, Customer Profile

3. Cart Abandoned Coupon

  • Idea: If a customer does not complete purchase with item left in shopping cart, send email with 5% coupon valid only if they purchase in next 24hrs.

  • Data Points: Item in cart, Session Closed, Customer Registered, Customer Email, Coupon Code

4. Review/Referral Follow-up

  • Idea: Send a follow-up email requesting review of item purchased, give reward of 5€ off next purchase when they submit response

  • Data points: Purchase Complete, Customer Registered, Customer Email, Customer Review Success

5. Engagement Email

  • Idea: Send a customer a personalized email on their birthday with the coupon code PARTYTIME.

  • Data points: Birthday, Customer registered, Email address

Next Steps

So what's stopping you from sending effective promotions to customers to move the needle on conversions? The right promotion engine? With Talon.One, after a little integration work upfront, you can scale the scope of your promotion strategy without limits.

59% of US internet users agreed that content customized for them increases their purchase intent somewhat, while another 19% said it significantly increases their intent to buy. -eMarketer

Today, consumers expect content, promotions and their online experience to be personalized. So to drive conversions, your promotions need to be targeted and you have to leverage your data to meet the unique needs of your customer.

This is just an example of what is possible with Talon.One and your existing eCommerce setup. To send targeted and effective promotional campaigns, you simply need to collect the right data. And once you're integrated with Talon.One, you can unlock the full potential of your promotional marketing.

If you have questions or would like to see a live demo then simply get in touch!

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