19 Feb 2024

Better incentives, better outcomes: 6 ways to drive growth with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Talon.One

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A big challenge for businesses running promotions and loyalty programs is finding ways to encourage customer actions without hurting profits or making the brand seem cheap with steep discounts.

To tackle this, they can use tech solutions that help them use detailed data to run targeted and personalized campaigns. This not only benefits the business but also adds value for customers.

Talon.One’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers brands the solutions they need to run these granular promotions and rewards at scale. By combining the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud with the flexibility of Talon.One, brands can boost sales and drive revenue growth with creative incentives and loyalty strategies. Users gain access to a whole host of new feature functionality, benefitting from additional out-of-the-box loyalty and promotion features from Talon.One. 

In this blog post, we’ll go into what the integration is, and 6 ways Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Talon.One’s integration gives businesses additional functionality to:

  • Power strikethrough pricing.

  • Gain access to multiple loyalty features to run rich campaigns. 

  • Gamify their loyalty program.

  • Create flexible, personalized bundles.

  • Run target coupon campaigns.

  • Maximize their referral marketing ROI.

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How does the Talon.One and Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration work?

With Talon.One, you can test, iterate, and run promotions and loyalty beyond your ecommerce shop, delivering your campaigns across web, mobile, social, and in-store.

Talon.One’s new loyalty and promotions app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, allows Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud clients to create rich and flexible promotion and loyalty campaigns. Once you’ve set up your campaigns in Talon.One’s platform, they integrate with your Commerce Cloud in Salesforce, ensuring real-time updates to your cloud environment. A typical example of the workflow with the Integration API includes the following steps:

  • Your webshop sends a request via the Integration API.

  • The request is transformed into a customer session endpoint and sent to the Rule Engine.

  • The Rule Engine updates the endpoint to find the rules that match the current session.

  • The Rule Engine returns the effect(s) of the matching rules to the integration layer.

  • The integration layer applies the effect(s) as needed.

6 ways to combine the power of Talon.One and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

1. Manage strikethrough pricing promotions with Talon.One’s Pricing Engine

For a majority of retailers, pricing and promotions strategies have historically been kept apart. Combined with legacy software and disjointed data, creating a harmonized strategy across the two - specifically when it comes to implementing strikethrough pricing - involves a huge amount of manual work, complicated workflows, and cross-team dependence. 

Strikethrough pricing is a sales strategy where the price of a product is reduced from its original price to drive sales. Often, the old price is presented in crossed-out format on a retailer’s website, which is called markdown or strikethrough pricing. At the moment, many retailers struggle with convoluted approaches to run basic strikethrough pricing on site. Talon.One makes it significantly easier for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to manage strikethrough pricing on their website’s front-end than when using Salesforce Commerce Cloud alone. Thanks to Talon.One’s Pricing Engine, users can sync their product catalog with Talon.One to build automated strikethrough campaigns, and harmonize them with their other personalization and loyalty initiatives. It also ensures your promotions comply with the EU Price Indication Directive. 

Pricing Engine: How it works

How Talon.One powers strikethrough pricing

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2. Take your loyalty programs to the next level

With Talon.One, Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients can build and manage rich loyalty programs leveraging tiers, points, custom earning/redeeming rules, omnichannel notifications, loyalty subledgers, and more. The partnership helps Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients avoid costly replatforming when they want to add new loyalty functionality. Additionally, since Talon.One can manage both loyalty programs and promotions, Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients can add personalized promotions and incentives to their loyalty programs.

Loyalty features powered by Talon.One include:

  • Loyalty wallets: Use wallets to securely keep various points, both real and virtual currency, as well as stamps for each of your customers.

  • Wallet sub-ledgers: Create sub-divisions in your wallets to store points or currency of different values. Save points that can only be redeemed on the platform where your customers won them.

  • Tiered loyalty programs: Build as many tiers as you need and have customers working their way up the ladder to earn the most valuable perks. 

  • Cross-business promotions: Expand your loyalty ecosystem by offering partner perks and discounts.

  • Personalized rewards: Tailor your loyalty program for a single client with special privileges or even create unique-to-user loyalty for every one of your customers.

  • Badge collection: In addition to your point system, consider establishing a dedicated section on your platform to recognize and store badges for customers who successfully complete particular challenges. 

3. Gamify your loyalty program

As businesses compete for a higher place in customers’ hearts and minds, gamification can move the needle by adding surprise and delight elements to your loyalty program. Gamification plays on two of our innate human characteristics: curiosity and competitiveness. Whether it's the thrill of earning points, the excitement of winning badges, or the practicality of discounts, simple gamification mechanisms can drive a big return on investment. Talon.One enables Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients to add gamification to their loyalty programs, giving customers the functionality to  play a wide range of games and win points, vouchers, entries in raffle contests, or custom rewards. Key gamification features powered by the integration include:

  • Rewards, points, badgers: Enable your customers to earn points and badges and qualify for rewards such as bonuses, discounts, or free items.

  • Progress tracker: Incorporate a visual progress tracker in your app to encourage users to enhance their involvement and earn better rewards.


Progress tracker powered by Talon.One

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  • Referral integration: Award users with referral codes that users can share to invite others to participate.

  • Automated campaign monitoring: Automatically monitor budgets and update rewards to 'fully redeemed' status when budgets are nearly spent.

  • Reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights to create games that generate the highest customer engagement.

4. Boost your sales with strategic bundling

Product bundling, where incentives or discounts are offered on a package of items, is an effective promotional strategy that creates value for both businesses and their customers. This approach benefits customers by providing them with better value, as items are sold at a lower cost than the full retail price for all bundled items. For businesses, bundling not only stimulates higher transaction amounts but also helps move inventory more efficiently. 

Talon.One's integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives retailers more options to customize bundles than when working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud alone. Examples include:

  • Surplus product bundle or gift-with-purchase: “Give customers a free pair of socks if they buy a running jacket and shorts, plus give them a coupon for their next purchase.”

  • Purchase frequency reward: “Reward repeat customers with a 20% hotel discount on their 3rd and 6th purchase of a round-trip flight.”

  • Real-time reward bundle: “Give customers who purchase tickets for an upcoming football match a 10% off coupon redeemable only on the day of the match with your car-sharing partner.”

With Talon.One’s Rule Builder, you gain maximum flexibility to customize your bundles with conditional rules, saving you from generic and broad discounts that hurt margins in the long term. 

5. Create personalized, flexible coupon campaigns

Flexibility in coupon campaigns allows brands to adapt to changing market dynamics and customer needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Moreover, personalized coupons serve as a tangible expression of appreciation, making customers feel valued and understood.

Talon.One and Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s integration enables brands to personalize their promotion campaigns using any profile, session, or RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) data. You can also fraud-proof your promotions by setting coupon redemption limits. For example, a customer referral code could be set up with a redemption limit of five to ensure that each customer can refer no more than five friends. 

The integration also automates promotional spend control. In the past, marketing teams had to manually check how close their promotion budgets were to running out, leaving a big window of opportunity for human error and overspending. With Talon.One, Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients can enforce limits to ensure that their promotions stay within the approved budget.

6. Maximize your referral marketing ROI

For companies looking for new ways to scale, referral programs are a great method to reach your revenue and acquisition targets. This approach not only rewards loyal customers for their support but also encourages them to share information about your products or services. This, in turn, expands your audience, fosters community, and brings in leads who are more likely to become customers.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud doesn’t include referral marketing functionality, and referrals need to be set up in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - a separate product. Using Talon.One in combination with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, however, unlocks different flexible referral types and features including:

  • Referral rewards: Reward both the new customers and the advocates once a referral is successful.

  • Staggered referral discount: Increase customer engagement by offering them a percentage discount for their first referral and then an increasingly higher percentage for their next referrals.

  • Criteria-based referrals: Reward referrals after specific success criteria are met, such as first purchases, amount of referrals made, time, order values or any other business-relevant criteria.

  • Time-sensitive referrals: Create referrals that use time as a factor. Either to limit the amount of time between the referral and the first purchase or to devalue rewards over time.

  • Influencer referrals: Set up referral programs with customer wallets so the influencer receives a set or progressive amount of cash or points for every successful sign-up.

  • Partner referrals: Get your partner companies to help you by offering special discounts on your services or products in return for making successful referrals.

  • Georeferrals: Reward based on the geolocation of either the advocate or their friends. At special events you can offer big prizes for completed referrals in that particular location.

Once you’ve set up and run your referral campaign in Talon.One, there are countless ways to iterate and improve it to help you establish a community of frequent customers and reach your revenue goals. Examples include:

  • Single-sided referral: Reward either the advocate or the referred customer. For example: If a customer makes a referral, you give them a 10% discount or a 50€ Amazon gift card after the referred customer completes their first purchase. 

  • Double-sided referral: Reward both the advocate and the referred customer. For example: If a member of your loyalty program refers a friend, you give them 100 loyalty points and offer 50 entry points to the referred customer. 

To find out more about how Talon.One can enhance the commerce and customer experience with personalized promotions and loyalty, book a demo or visit the AppExchange.

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