6 Oct 2023

Bloomreach & Talon.One: A new integration for your targeting & incentive workflows

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Card Bloomreach & Talon.One

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We’re delighted to announce a new integration with Bloomreach, one of the world’s leading e-commerce experience platforms.

The partnership adds a host of new features and capabilities thanks to tighter integration and improved operability, and marketers can now use Talon.One and Bloomreach to build more targeted audiences, power tailored product recommendations, and offer personalized promotions and loyalty features - all without having to leave the Bloomreach dashboard. 

About Bloomreach

Bloomreach is an e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to deliver personalized experiences across their digital channels, whether that’s email, SMS, web or mobile notifications. Bloomreach offers a suite of products that combine unified customer and product data, with the speed and scale of AI-optimization. Bloomreach’s products include:

  • Discovery, offering AI-driven search and merchandising; 

  • Content, offering a headless CMS; 

  • Engagement, offering a leading CDP and marketing automation solutions. Brands can use Bloomreach Engagement to offer real-time personalized marketing across its digital touchpoints.

Our integration is with Bloomreach’s Engagement product, and is especially powerful as it combines both Bloomreach’s CDP and CEP features. Together with the “reward everything” capabilities of Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, brands can use our integration to drive sales, increase average order value, and create a more personalized user experience. The integration also consolidates and strengthens your targeting, engagement and incentive workflows, helping guide shoppers right along the path to purchase.


"Bloomreach is super excited to officially launch its partnership with Talon One. Talon.One brings a powerful Promotion Engine that enables you to create targeted and customized marketing promotions with Bloomreach Engagement for customer data, marketing, AI, and analytics. Together we leverage remarkable increases in margins and conversion rate by each and every single customer. Our technical integration with two innovative platforms, deployed together would only drive more growth and personalized experiences"


Mark Galvin

VP of Strategic Program Development, Technology SaaS of Bloomreach

Refurbed, a leading online marketplace for refurbished electronics, is one of the first joint Bloomreach and Talon.One customers to use the integration:


"The seamless integration of these tools has not only simplified our workflow but also enabled us to craft highly tailored and engaging customer experiences. By harnessing Bloomreach’s CDP and CEP capabilities alongside Talon.One’s versatile promotion management, we’ve been able to connect with our customers on a deeper level, driving retention and ultimately boost business growth. "


Florian Pirron

CRM Manager of Refurbed

Integration use cases 

Below, our Senior Partner Engineer Charlie Brensinger runs through some of the most common use cases for the new integration.

1. Elevate marketing precision with Talon.One and Bloomreach

From a CDP point of view, Bloomreach and Talon.One’s integration offers endless new possibilities for hyper-personalized promotion campaigns. It allows users to enrich individual customer profiles with customer or session data, for example previous browsing or purchase behavior. Computed attributes from Bloomreach can be synced to Talon.One, and loyalty and promotion data from Talon.One can be sent back to Bloomreach, allowing both systems to benefit.

2. Integrate Talon.One and Bloomreach for instant promotional messaging

Brands can then leverage their customer and session data to create and deploy custom rewards created with Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, including discounts, coupon codes, referral, loyalty and product bundles. Using tailored API endpoints provided by Talon.One, brands can integrate incentives and loyalty messaging into Bloomreach Engagement communication. CEP use cases include:  

  • Drive sales with unlimited coupon customization: Automatically generate coupons inside Talon.One and deliver coupon codes to specific customer segments. Learn more about creating coupon end points in our docs.

  • Turn customers into your biggest brand advocates by leveraging referrals: Automatically request a user-specific referral code directly from Talon.One and display them in your promotional message from Bloomreach Engagement. Learn more about creating referral end points in our docs here.

  • Boost average order value with product bundles: Solve product bundling challenges by dynamically combining products based on different attributes, such as color, price, category or more to encourage customers to add more to their cart, and increase their spend.

  • Drive loyalty program uptake with tailored reminders: Retrieve an individual customer’s loyalty ledger information from Talon.One so you can send a message that dynamically populates the number of loyalty points each customer has accrued. 


    "Since the start, Talon.One’s mission has been to allow users to create flexible incentive and loyalty campaigns within a single platform, and without the need to code. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Bloomreach to help bring our capabilities to a wider audience, especially in combination with their precise personalization and customer engagement features."

    thorunn jobs page

    Thorunn Devoy

    Head of Partnerships of Talon.One

For existing clients looking to learn more about the integration, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a full demo and how you can benefit.
Alternatively, reach out to our Sales team if you’re new to Bloomreach or Talon.One and would like more information. 

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