18 Jan 2023

Build better promotions with our Promotions Growth Framework

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

Promotion growth framework Talon.One

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Our new ebook explores the challenges associated with building relevant promotions as your business grows.

Inside you’ll find our Promotions Growth Framework. It provides guidelines for building effective promotional campaigns throughout the business lifecycle, from startup to enterprise level.

You can build a custom strategy for specific business objectives by combining promotional techniques from different parts of the framework.

Before you download, here’s a quick rundown of the framework and the other points we cover in the ebook.

Developing a cohesive promotions strategy

Building an effective promotions strategy requires planning and vision. Without a coordinated approach, it’s easy to waste precious time and money on promotions that won’t achieve the results your business needs to grow.

Any promotions you do run need to be tuned towards your current business objectives. This could be customer acquisition, customer retention, brand recognition, lead generation, overseas expansion - a whole host of things.

Each common business objective is best served by a specific blend of promotional techniques. But, things are made trickier by the fact that businesses’ core objectives change as they grow. Startups, for example, usually have completely different priorities to mature enterprises.

Then you also have to consider the industry in which your business operates. Luxury brands will have different business objectives and use different promotions strategies to budget brands.

Using the Promotions Growth Framework

Our Promotions Growth Framework helps businesses address these additional considerations. It groups common promotional techniques around key campaign and business objectives.

You can pick and choose techniques from the framework to build relevant, scalable promotions strategies depending on your stage of growth.


The Promotions Growth Framework includes five core pillars:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Sales incentives

  • Engagement & retention

  • Customer success

  • Reporting and optimization

It also covers two additional factors:

  • Promotion channels

  • 3rd party integrations

Using the tier system outlined in the ebook, you’ll be able to set up promotional campaigns that contain the relevant elements for success at the:

  • Startup phase

  • Growth phase

  • Maturity phase

You can then build additional elements from higher tiers to ensure your campaigns scale successfully as your business grows.

The importance of strategy 

The purpose of our new ebook is to highlight the importance of promotions strategy. Many businesses that are new to digital promotions make the mistake of setting up campaigns without strategic planning.

Not only does this equate to worse campaign performance for businesses, it’s also worse for the customers. They won’t receive promotions that interest them, meaning they’ll be less engaged with your brand.

Download ‘The Promotions Growth Framework’ to see our guidance on promotions strategy in more detail.

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