18 Jan 2023

Build targeted promotions with our updated mParticle integration

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

Talon.One X mParticle Integration

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As part of our partnership program we offer full integration with mParticle, the leading Customer Data Platform.

It allows our customers to reap the benefits of more effective promotional campaigns using data from a huge variety of sources. We previously offered features based around audiences and feeds.

Now we’ve expanded the integration with a new events sync feature. Marketers can use this extended toolset to build even more engaging, personalized promotions, no matter their objective.

In this blog post we’ll explain how the integration update and existing features can help you.

Talon.One and mParticle working together

Personalization is now a top priority for businesses looking to run effective digital promotions. More than ever, consumers expect businesses to reach out to them with deals, rewards, and suggestions that match their preferences and buying habits.

“80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized shopping experiences” - Epsilon

Since day one, customizability has been a core principle of the Promotion Engine, because we understand how important it is for promotional success.

But personalized promotions are only as good as the data you use to manage them. That’s where mParticle comes in. It helps you improve the quality, control and accessibility of your customer data so that you can power a whole new level of personalization.

mParticle allows you to collect data from multiple sources, such as customer touchpoints, server-side environments, and other cloud systems. It centralizes identity resolution, data quality management, and data governance into a single system, and forwards data to the marketing tools across your stack without any engineering support. This offers cost savings, process improvements and much greater security for customer and company data.

When combined with our industry-leading Promotion Engine, businesses can create fully personalized promotions for any customer or customer segment imaginable.

“With this new integration update, our customers have even more ways to build unique promotions using data from a vast array of external sources.” - mParticle

How does the integration work?

Our full integration with mParticle allows both platforms to work seamlessly using customer data from a huge variety of sources.

All that’s required is a simple configuration and setup that can be completed without dedicating numerous developer hours.

New event sync feature

The new event sync feature allows you to use custom event data from a wide variety of sources in your Talon.One promotional campaigns.

Supported devices and operating systems include Alexa, Android, AppleTV, iOS, Roku, Xbox and many more.

You can use event data to vary the outcomes of your promotional campaigns based upon customer actions and other variables.

For example:

You may want to set up a campaign to reward customers when they give you a five star review on a specific website or platform.

Normally this may involve reviewing submissions manually or coding a system to check for valid reviews. But you can automate this entire process using event sync.

mParticle sends event data to Talon.One when customers submit a review. Talon.One then uses that data as a trigger for campaign effects and rewards.

This could be a personalized coupon code sent in an email via a customer engagement platform, or a customer notification in-app.


Audience sync is another part of the wider Talon.One + mParticle integration. A number of our customers already use this feature to fulfill specific audience-related use cases.

One of our grocery & pharmacy customers uses audience sync to enhance their loyalty program offering.

In this case mParticle syncs detailed audience data with Talon.One. This ‘always up-to-date’ audience is then used to create personalized promotions for individual customer profiles.

Our customer uses a diverse range of events as conditions for adding loyalty points and other loyalty program rewards.

You could use audience sync to create personalized promotions for VIP customers, updating the audience based upon loyalty point totals or other variables.

Customer data feed

Then there’s the feed feature, which allows you to automatically update customer profiles, making it much easier to target customers based upon specific variables.

Take customer age data, for example. Using the feed feature you’ll be able to update customer profiles automatically and then use this data to vary the rewards you offer customers in each age group.

Together the event sync, audience sync, and feed features provide unrivalled personalization capabilities for your online promotions.

For a more detailed rundown of the new integration features mentioned above, read through mParticle’s developer docs.

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