18 Jan 2023

Building a loyalty program with Talon.One

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Sales promotions are great for getting new customers interested and spending a little bit of money, but when you’re thinking long term you really need people making referrals and coming back for more. 

Over 70% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if it has a good online loyalty program. -Bond

And 77% of people are more likely to continue using a brand’s services if it has a loyalty program.

So it's fair to say that loyalty is the new...well, whichever colour’s in fashion now.


Pastels I think.

So when it comes to setting up your very own loyalty program, you have to ask yourself, “Can we design and program a powerful enough promotional infrastructure that’s going to keep up with business growth?” 

It’s so crucial for your business to have a decent program that gives you the flexibility to appeal to each of your customer segments and reward appropriately, based on their interactions with your brand.

You also want to be able to offer your customers features like Wallets, Point Expiration, Loyalty Tiers and Gamification to give them a sense that they are working their way towards goals and rewards.  

56% of programs employ game mechanics in their loyalty programs. -AP News

One of the solutions we offer, as part of our holistic promotions package, is of course Loyalty

Of course, the benefit of having all of the other promotion solutions too, is that discounts, coupons and product bundles make great rewards for your loyalty and referral plans. And have your ever thought about what you could do with a loyalty wallet? 

How Talon.One works

The basic principle of Talon.One is that you create conditions that trigger effects when they are validated. The possibilities for conditions and effects are infinite as they can be set up using any data that is created by your customers. But here are a few typical examples:

Example Conditions

  • Geo-Location

  • Date

  • Profile ID

  • Any customer interaction

Example Effects

  • Add Loyalty Points to a wallet

  • Set any type of Discount

  • Create a Referral Code

  • Trigger a 3rd Party webhook

Ok. Let’s build it

After integrating with Talon.One and creating an active Application you can immediately start to build your Loyalty program. 

Step 1. Create the Loyalty Program

From the Campaign Manager, this is as simple as 2 clicks, naming and describing your program, setting point expiration dates or sub-ledgers if you need them and then connecting your loyalty program to whichever groups of campaigns you like. (This GIF is from the old UI)


Step 2. Create Campaigns Where the Points are Added

Creating a new campaign is easy to do. Another couple of clicks and a name and you’re good to go. (This GIF is from the old UI)


When you go to the Rule Builder for this campaign, you'll be able to use to 3 new options:

  • A Condition: "Loyalty Points Can Be Redeemed", lets you check that your customer has redeemable points.

  • An Effect: "Add Loyalty Points", allows you to add points to the customer's wallet once the payment is made.

  • An Attribute: To access the Loyalty Balance of your customer.

So for example...

For orders over 100 (any currency), 10% of the order total will be credited as points to the customer's point wallet.

Condition: "Session Total" is greater than 100

Effect: "Add Loyalty Points" : Session Total * 10%

Now that we have a campaign for collecting points, let's set up one focused on redeeming those points.

Step 3. Create a Campaign Where Points are Redeemed

You can run multiple campaigns where customers can earn points, but you should only have one campaign to spend them, so the value of the points are clear to your customers.

To spend points, the point balance needs to be checked by Talon.One with a condition in the rule builder: "Loyalty Points Can Be Redeemed".

With this condition in your campaign, points are deducted from their balance automatically when the customer has enough.

For example

You can use a custom session attribute, "PayWithPoints".

A customer has 1,000 points in their wallet and has added an item to the checkout that costs 700 points.

Condition: Attribute "PayWithPoints" = true

Condition: "Loyalty points can be redeemed": Session Total

Effect: "Set Discount": Session Total

The customer pays for their order in points and has 300 left in their virtual wallet.

That's it!

There you have it. A Loyalty Program in Talon.One. It's just a basic example of what's possible, and of course, depending on what data points you send, you can build the rules that suit your business best.

Check out our Help Center for some more examples of promotions that are possible with Talon.One.

Want to see some of your own specific use cases built-in Talon.One's Campaign Manager? Just get in touch for a demo and we can show you how we'd build them.

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