Deity and Talon.One power Jimmy Brings’ future-proof and flexible composable commerce stack

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Nov 1, 2022

Reza Javanian

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Having a flexible and scalable ecommerce platform is increasingly a prerequisite for businesses to compete in fast-paced modern markets. Over 75% of companies surveyed are exploring composable commerce, which is emerging as the best solution to the demands of modern enterprises. 

Composable commerce allows firms to optimize their commerce ecosystem through the selection of the discrete, API-connected components, each targeting a specific business requirement.

Selecting best-of-breed microservices marks a step toward more efficient software solutions which enable businesses to grow and serve their customers better.

Jimmy Brings embraces composable commerce

Jimmy Brings, Australia’s first on-demand drinks delivery company, is one of the companies that is at the forefront of composable commerce. Since they started their business in 2015, Jimmy Brings has seen exponential growth owing to their:

  • Fast delivery mechanism (under 30 minutes)

  • Experienced and friendly fleet

  • Quality products

As the business continued to grow, they needed to replace their legacy tech stack with a flexible system that easily ran at scale. Adopting a modular approach, they selected and combined best of breed service providers that allowed them to scale up.

“We talked about building this [structure] in the old stack, but it was a nightmare to do that. Tie that into being able to go out with EDMs via MoEngage [our email marketing platform] is a big advantage,” said Adam Watt, Head of Engineering at Jimmy Brings. “We can segment customers, create vouchers in Talon.One, that will then tell MoEngage people are now available for this offer. We can then send an offer and track conversions, engagement and so on. We have upped the entire stack to the point where we should see what works a lot better across our customer base.”

Smooth integration is key to success when it comes to composable commerce. To create a unified web and native app customer experience, Jimmy Brings uses Deity as their core composer. Deity forms a middleware layer between Jimmy Brings’ storefront and back-end service providers including:

Deity & Talon.One power Jimmy Brings promotions

The sync between the back-end and the middleware layer ensures the seamless customer experience in the storefront. “Each platform has certain ‘rules of the game’. You have to tweak things,” Adam Watt said. “You can tweak in that middleware layer to make the joins between Talon.One, BigCommerce or anything without a built-in integrations sync.”

How Talon.One and Deity work together

Talon.One is one of Jimmy Brings’ key SaaS partners. Jimmy Brings integrated Talon.One with the rest of their tools via the Deity Composable Commerce platform, to manage Jimmy Brings’ digital promotion campaigns. 

Once the integration was complete, Jimmy Brings was able to use Talon.One to generate a variety of promotional campaigns including:

  • A referral program that rewards the advocate and the referred customer.

  • Automated coupon campaigns for late delivery, birthdays and inactive customers who haven’t ordered for a significant period of time.

  • Discount campaigns on popular products

Using Deity’s Commerce Composer and data orchestration capabilities, it was possible to boost customer participation with even more sophisticated, targeted loyalty campaigns. Talon.One enabled Jimmy Brings to use gamified elements in their promotional campaigns, adding the elements of excitement and delight to the shopping experience.

“With composable commerce, Jimmy Brings can select best-of-breed commerce components and 'compose' them into a custom application built for their specific business needs.” said Thorunn Devoy, Head of Partnerships at Talon.One, “We are excited that Jimmy Brings is working with Talon.One and Deity to power personalized and limitless commerce experiences at scale.”

Going composable is a difference maker

Competition in the ecommerce industry is getting more fierce all the time. Major companies are investing heavily in innovative ecommerce solutions and those who don’t risk getting left behind.

monolith vs microservices

If you’re tempted to ignore composable tech and stay with a monolithic approach, there are some key risks:

  • Exponential spending on your in-house or legacy solution as the total cost of ownership (TCOO) climbs.

  • Alienating millennial and Gen Z customers who increasingly expect personalized, comprehensive shopping experience.

  • Overdependence on a single vendor, giving you little/no independence or scope for creativity as a customer.

  • A risk of total system breakdown if just one feature fails.

  • Lengthy internal development of workarounds

The benefits of composable commerce are long-term, wide-ranging and extremely practical. That’s why Jimmy Brings has committed to it. By making an investment in flexible, omnichannel and scalable marketing, it’s a long-term commitment to creating more efficient solutions which enable businesses to grow and serve their customers better.

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to check out Deity’s case study on Jimmy Brings here.

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