Talon.One partners with Deity: the Composable Commerce platform

Mar 3, 2022
Manon Sinke
Engagement Manager at Deity
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In an era where ecommerce is an indispensable part of our daily lives, it is a must to have an ecommerce platform that’s ready for today and for the future. But what does this mean? Deity, the Composable Commerce platform for enterprise growth, has had more than 25 years of experience in ecommerce and has seen enterprise businesses like Zalando, HP, and Ferrari grow like crazy, which was often accompanied by challenges that many businesses are still facing today. Common challenges include slow webshops, unscalable tech which blocks growth, no flexibility to create the user experiences your business needs,excess downtime, and spending too much time and money on development. In today’s fast-changing and fast-growing ecommerce landscape, ecommerce brands have to find the flexibility, scalability and reliability that they need and deserve.

That’s why Deity was founded four years ago; to solve crucial platform issues faced by fast-growing merchants and to make a composable, future-proof approach available for ambitious ecommerce businesses.

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Today’s challenges and how Composable Commerce can help 

Any digital business should always be in control over their ecommerce platform and have the possibility to build it the way they want. Many companies nowadays don’t have that full control and are facing challenges that are very common in ecommerce, think of: 

  • You have issues with your frontend’s performance 
  • You would like to connect with specific commerce services that your platform doesn’t have or allow an integration with
  • You want to build a custom feature but that's either not possible on your current stack or the costs of building it are unfeasible
  • You’re not happy with a specific commerce service anymore but you don’t want to replace the whole system for it or spend too much time on exchanging it for another one
  • Your tech is one big ‘spaghetti’ and you want it to be more modular, so it’s easier to maintain and build new features on 
  • You have problems with downtime, especially on big days like Black Friday and Christmas 
  • You want to have multiple storefronts but your platform doesn’t allow you to do this with just one license 

These are all common issues faced by fast-growing ecommerce merchants and it simply means that your current platform no longer meets your needs. Time for Composable Commerce! Deity empowers ecommerce merchants to build a future-proof, flexible, reliable and unlimitedly scalable ecommerce stack, fully adapted to their business needs.

→ Get complete freedom to work with the services you like

→ Connect with or replace any commerce service within minutes 

→ Synchronize all your data-holding systems within microseconds 

→ Meet global ambitions with full multi-x functionality 

→ let customer experience lead with a highly engaging headless PWA Storefront 

→ Build and use one system as responsive website ánd native app, both on Android and iOS

Future-proof with Deity 

Are you active in the world of ecommerce? Then you’ve probably heard of terms like progressive web app, headless, and MACH, which are all steps towards the future. However, true digital frontrunners and pioneers are already moving towards a modular approach, also known as Composable Commerce. That’s where Deity’s greatest strengths are. The Deity Platform contributes to a composable and future-proof digital business by giving merchants the ability to take back full control of their complete ecommerce stack, from frontend to backend.

The Deity Platform, as explained in the image below, is the place where the frontend(s) and backend of a webshop are separated from each other. However, it doesn’t only separate the frontend and backend from each other, known as headless or a decoupled architecture, it also separates all different backend services. This is what’s called true Composable Commerce, a service-oriented software architecture. As you can imagine, this brings along huge advantages for online merchants that have the ambition to grow. Choose, integrate, and swap any API-based commerce service within minutes. What does this mean? Your tech is well equipped to handle any future developments and you have complete freedom to work with the services you like. From the ecommerce platform of your choice , like commercetools, Salesforce, BigCommerce, or any other, to a combination of payment services like Adyen, Mollie, or Stripe. And do you want to use Contentful or Contentstack as your CMS? Not a problem! Not happy with a specific service anymore? Just remove it and plug in a new one. Simple as that! 

The platform also comes with an advanced data orchestrator; synchronize all your data-holding systems within microseconds. Control, combine, and enrich data flows from and to any touchpoint of your commerce ecosystem. 

To top it off, the Deity Platform comes with a headless PWA Storefront Toolkit for highly engaging customer experiences. Create one system, a progressive web app, that works for all platforms: a responsive site and native apps. Deity recently launched their first PWA in the iOS App Store, meaning that you can now not only bring your PWA to the Android and Microsoft App Store, but also to the Apple App Store as a recognized native app. The image below shows a clear overview of all the benefits that PWA brings along. 

Integrate with the services you like 

Do you have certain commerce services that fit best with your business goals but does your current platform not have all the possibilities? Deity has out-of-the-box integrations that can be chosen and implemented within minutes. Do you wish to use commercetools, BigCommerce, or Magento as your commerce platform? The integrations are already there, ready to be used. Use Wordpress or Contentful as your CMS, Algolia for search, Talon.One as your promotion engine, and Mollie, Adyen, Stripe, Klarna, or PayPal for payments. Any other service you would like to use? Deity can connect anything. Use existing integrations or build any custom experience yourself. That’s the power of Composable Commerce. 

About the Deity x Talon.One integration 

The Deity x Talon.One integration was built to create an even better Composable world together. Talon.One’s API makes it easy to implement their service into a modular approach. Composable Commerce’s out-of-the-box integration ensures other services will integrate just as easily, insuring smooth and fast data flow between them and the frontend(s). The basics of the integration are there, you just have to customize it into your specific needs. As you can imagine, this will lead to faster time-to-market and saves you time and money on development, as you no longer have to build everything from scratch. Just plug in the services you like, including Talon.One as your promotion engine! 

Learn more about Deity 
Have we caught your attention? We’re happy to talk about your business successes and the challenges. Let’s see what Composable Commerce can do for you! Book a demo today.

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