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Digital marketing trends to scale your promotions

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digital marketing trends to scale your promotions

With the rapid changes and advancements in technology, digital marketing is going to help enterprises find new ways of appealing to their customers. For instance, voice search and video are growing at a rapid pace and showing no signs of slowing down.

Digital advertising is expected to reach 2.4 billion euros by 2020, while growing at 32% CAGR, while digital media spend will be at 24% by 2020 compared to 15% in 2019. -Entrepreneur

So, what digital marketing trends do you need to know about in 2020, and how can you implement them in your promotional marketing strategy?

Personalization & Localization

This is a constant ongoing trend which means leveraging your data to create tailored messages, product promotions and offers for individual customers, with the goal of cultivating a more meaningful, customer-centric relationship.

In order to stand out in 2020, you need to offer your customers a more personalized experience through your content, emails, ads and products.

90% of people find personalization appealing and 80% of them are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. -The eDigital

Personalization not only attracts new customers, but also helps keep the existing ones loyal.

In 2023, brands that put in place user-level control of marketing data will reduce customer churn by 40% and increase lifetime value by 25%. -Gartner

You can get even more personal with your customers by using private and customized messaging, advertising on WhatsApp and making sure to have a strong Social Media presence.

Customers are starting to expect personalization and there are so many ways to make it happen, using the marketing data that you collect.

Big players already benefit from personalization. Amazon’s recommendation algorithm suggests products that are relevant for the individual and match with different aspects of their personality, which resulted in a 29% sales increase during the second quarter. Starbucks engages with its customers via its app, using a rewards system with the ability to customize drinks based on their purchase history.

Revenue generated by the app accounts for 22% of all U.S. sales. -Global Web Index

Coupon Campaign Idea

Give customers a Happy Birthday coupon for 30€ to spend in your shop. Remember to collect enough customer data (especially their birthday!) for this strategy to work. This will make them feel appreciated and excited to make a purchase.

Loyalty Campaign Idea

Give loyal customers a free gift with a purchase after they have completed over 10 transactions in your shop. To personalize the reward, analyze your customer data to determine what type of gift they would find meaningful.


As consumer demands for personalized and local experiences grow, location marketing is emerging as a highly competitive space. Brands that use cutting-edge location technology to support their marketing and promotions will deliver the best user experience and stay ahead of the game.


With Geomarketing or Geofencing, businesses can run customized advertising campaigns based on geographical identification positioning (GPS) to potential customers within a specific geographic radius that gives marketers the ability to set unique marketing boundaries. It can be used with any promotional activities (discounts, coupons, loyalty, referral, product bundling)

This offers your brand the flexibility to send your potential customer's targeted messages and promotion campaigns. The goal is to influence consumers decision to purchase your products in a fast and frictionless manner.

Geofencing Campaign Idea 1

Mix Geofencing with Geoconquesting to target customers who visit rival stores. Geoconquesting is a fairly new marketing trend in the mobile advertising field that employs location-based data to deliver customized promotional ads when your potential customers are physically near competitor stores.

Geofencing Campaign Idea 2

Keep the virtual radius quite small. That would give you the possibility to create and do A/B testing on various customized promotion campaigns within different locations. The general rule is a four-to-five minute travel radius; your promotion ads would be the most successful if your customers walk or travel from point A to point B within a four-to-five minute transport distance.

Geofencing Campaign Idea 3

Leverage hyper contextual targeting. Deliver meaningful customized promotion campaigns using location in combination with past locations visited, geospecific events, weather, intent search history to deliver your customers relevant promotion ads that serve their particular lifestyle. Be sure your brand is present within a specific location that resonates with your target audience.

Geofencing Campaign Idea 4

Use Geofencing and consider Geoexclusion at the same time. Marketers should consider using Geofencing in combination with Geoexclusion. Leverage location-based data and customer behavior to deliver promotion campaigns that evade locations where the target audience doesn’t suit your product or service.

Interactive Content

Interactive or engaging content requires the customer’s active engagement. It is a great way to both entertain and educate your audience through, for example, shoppable posts, AR/VR, quizzes, contests, gamification, 360-degree videos etc. Moreover, interactive content is extremely shareable which means it increases brand awareness.

91% of customers are looking for more interactive content, which will affect content marketing strategies in 2020. -The eDigital

Discount Campaign Idea

Give your customers a discount for sharing the results of your quiz on social media. Make sure to make it entertaining and original. This will increase your brand awareness.


To find out more about Promotion Marketing and different techniques to drive revenue and increase brand awareness, download your Guide to Promotion Marketing

Social Media Engagement

Share promotions on social media and take advantage of a much wider audience, increased brand awareness and the extended networks of your customers. Remember to define a clear call to action so it's easy for customers to share on the right platforms.
Referral Campaign Idea

Provide customers with a personalized URL so they can share with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and reward them for successful referrals. When friends click the link and make a purchase, both the existing and new customers can receive discounts or products from your shop.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. -Nielsen

Coupon Campaign Idea

Simply share a coupon for a seasonal sale or special product offer on all your social channels. When you promote on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, consider adding criteria like follow or like us, comment or share with friends as a rule.

Integration of Technology with Marketing

Consider all the touchpoints that your organization has with customers and the relationships they foster. With AI playing an important role here, it is crucial for businesses to merge their marketing insights with technology. To make each customer journey complete, the marketing strategy should be adjustable and personalized.

Artificial intelligence is taking over more and more areas of marketing, being currently implemented in chatbots (in 2020, more than 25% of customer service will use the technology), product recommendations, content creation, email personalization and transactions.

Nearly 60% of companies use AI for driving digital revenue today, and expect to double the number of AI projects in 2020. -Gartner

According to Gartner, by 2022, content creators will produce more than 30% of their digital content with the aid of AI content-generation techniques, increasing productivity and advertising effectiveness, but also disrupting the creative process.

Identify your customers’ pain points and apply the right technology.


Invest in AR/VR

Consumers see augmented and/or virtual reality as a sign of brand’s innovation and strength, which can also be a great differentiator from the competition. Having AR/VR implemented, will help businesses get closer to their customers, create a more engaging content through storytelling and generate trust.

Loyalty Program Idea

Augmented reality promotions could be an effective part of a loyalty program, since they allow customers to interact with a product in a unique and personal way. AR combined with real-life prizes and bonuses can develop a win-win strategy for retailers and hospitality companies and for the customers. Registered customers will be engaged in the AI game, where they can collect bonuses or discounts by completing different tasks. AR integrated loyalty app can also help with branding efforts by attracting the user’s attention, provide discounts, promote new locations, advertise new or existing products and increase sales.

Marketing Automation to Drive Conversions

By 2023, autonomous marketing systems will issue 55% of multichannel marketing messages based on marketer criteria and real-time consumer behavior, resulting in a 25% increase in response rates. -Gartner

Automating marketing processes will help save time and focus on delivering better, modified and more personalized experience to customers. From email marketing to social media and website automation, the overall goal is generating more leads and increasing brand awareness.

This strategy involves increasing the number of conversions that occur on your website or touch-points by using customer data to improve the experience to turn them into customers or complete the desired action. Optimizing the process means giving potential customers more opportunities or reasons to convert.

Discount Campaign Idea

Give customers 10% off their first purchase, but only target new customers who are first-time visitors on your website. Encourage a first purchase with a well-timed discount to boost new user conversion rates.

Loyalty Program Idea

Allow new customers the chance to be part of a loyalty program that will give them valuable offers, discounts or rewards right away. If your company has a monthly subscription model, implement a loyalty program where buyers get 10% off their 1st purchase, 20% off their 2nd purchase, and 30% off their 3rd purchase.

Is your business ready to scale your promotion marketing alongside these digital trends? What platforms and solutions will you leverage to implement your digital marketing strategy?

With new technologies, trends and customer habits emerging at every moment, it can be tough to cut through the noise and actually reach customers. Are you ready to keep up? Try starting with some of these promotion campaign ideas.

Learn more about Promotion Marketing at each customer phase across different industries and platforms - download your Guide to Promotion Marketing or get in touch with us!

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