15 Jul 2024

Discover the powerful new features and extended capabilities of our updated Segment integration

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

Talon.One + Segment

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We’ve just released a major update for our Segment integration which opens up a huge range of possibilities for businesses. Marketers can now use Talon.One and Segment to build rich, engaging campaigns with a simpler end-user experience.

The integration adds a host of new features and capabilities thanks to tighter integration and improved interoperability. Brands can build smart audiences using any custom Segment event, and use them to deliver personalized promotions for individual customer profiles. This is all possible without having to leave the Segment UI.

In this blog post, we’ll run through the new integration update and explain what benefits businesses can expect when using the new features.

Data + Promotions = Success

According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized experiences. To meet this demand businesses need data, and a way to manage it effectively.

Segment’s single source of truth for all user data, no matter the channel or interaction, and the “reward everything” capabilities of Talon.One’s Promotion Engine make for a potent combination. If you’ve been using Segment and Talon.One together before now, or if you’re hearing about it for the first time, this integration means endless new possibilities for hyper-personalized promotion campaigns, especially in the omnichannel space.

Now any Talon.One promotion campaign can be built with any user data collected by Segment. The dynamic, real-time audiences created within Segment can now also be imported by Talon.One. Any custom attributes created in Talon.One will be available automatically in Segment and any action performed by Talon.One is immediately added to Segment’s user record.

Talon.One is built to allow marketers to create flexible reward and incentive campaigns without requiring developers or coding. Now marketing teams can use creative loyalty or promotion ideas effortlessly from within their existing Segment instance — with just a few clicks.” - Christoph Gerber, CEO at Talon.One

Build personas and audiences automatically

The updated Talon.One + Segment integration allows users to automatically enrich individual customer profiles with data whenever Segment registers new events. This could be from anywhere within your connected software stack — social media, your payments provider, your own app, Amazon, etc.

Building promotional campaigns this way allows you to cater to very specific use cases. From the moment a new user arrives on your site, Segment adds information to their customer profile. Over time, this profile is built up with new data, e.g. email address, purchase history, promotion and product preference, etc.

Not only can you automatically build customer profiles like this, you can also build smart audiences around custom parameters, straight from the Segment UI. You can adapt logic around certain events, triggers, and even final campaign objectives, without having to write a single line of code.


Together, Talon.One and Segment are giving brands the power to build digital promotions strategies around any objective, and differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating a better, more rewarding customer experience.

“Brands need software that’s purpose-built for customizability on every level. With the new Talon.One destination, our clients can now access the full functionality of both Segment and Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, without any extra development input whatsoever," said Timothy Koeth, Technology Partner Manager at Twilio Segment. “We were impressed to see how quickly the team built this integration on the Segment platform using our new Developer Center and we’re excited to see what our mutual customers build."

To find out more about the Talon.One + Segment integration, visit our integration page or check out Segment’s site.

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