Jan 18, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Faryal Maryam Tareen on why she joined the partnership team at Talon.One?

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Faryal Tareen at Talon.One

Although starting a new job is exciting, it comes with a lot of uncertainty for the new hires, no matter what level of expertise and experience they step into the new company with. Working in a new environment, meeting new people, taking up a new set of responsibilities, can be daunting for a new joiner.

However, that wasn’t the case for Faryal Maryam Tareen who joined Talon.One as Partner Marketing Manager in October 2021 and has hit the ground running — making a noticeable difference across both the Partnerships and Marketing teams.

Starting her journey

Originally from Pakistan, Faryal moved to Berlin over three years ago. The support she got from Talon.One started even before she began her job. As she remembers, “the People and Culture team were helping me with my work visa documents three months before I joined. I remember Tijana Dirak regularly checked on me regarding the visa status and that if I needed anything else from her end. I got a great impression of how the company works even before I started.”

Reading the job description of her role, Faryal recognized a perfect match between her career perspectives and what Talon.One offered: “I was looking for a company with a collaborative and team-focused culture, where I would actively be given opportunities to learn and grow, and also a chance to sharpen my project management and strategizing skills over time.” 

“When I came across the job description, I immediately did some research about Talon.One and it seemed to be a great fit, Faryal said. “The many positive employee reviews, the job description, and the wonderful people I got to interact with during the interview process motivated me to accept the position, and I am super happy with the decision I made.”

Getting onboard

A LinkedIn survey on new hires who have gone through traditional onboarding shows they describe the process as “a mind numbing experience because of its focus on dry policies and videos, sign-ups and filling out forms.” 

Was it the same for Faryal? “Not at all,” she replies, continuing that “the onboarding process was extremely well-structured and smooth from start to finish. I was actually nervous about joining a company with over one-hundred employees, but immediately felt relaxed due to the warm welcome I received from everyone in the office on my first day!” 

“From the lovely welcome gifts and first day briefing to the detailed department onboarding plans — everything was great! Everything was super organized. My friendly colleagues made a newcomer like me feel welcomed and right at home from the very beginning.”

Working it out

Faryal describes the vibe at the office as “friendly, collaborative, engaging and motivating (both in the actual office and in the remote work environment).” 

And what does Faryal like best about Talon.One? “The best thing about working here is definitely the people! I love that I’m working with such brilliant and inspiring colleagues, all of whom are extremely passionate about their roles and willing to support each other. There’s so much to learn every day and you have the opportunity to create your own path. There’s never a dull day here and I love it!”

Trying something new

Talon.One embraces unique initiatives to encourage innovation among its employees. “As a Taloner”, Faryal says, “you’re encouraged to experiment and try out new things to see what would be the best route for the company. Employees are empowered to independently make their decisions and there is an inspiring environment of idea-sharing and action.”

Career advancement, according to Forbes, is the most important motivating factor for employees. Faryal agrees with this, and her advice to new hires at any company is “ to take part in appropriate work-related training and learning courses which can help sharpen their skill sets!”

Joining marketing and sales together

As Talon.One’s Partner Marketing Manager, Faryal is part of both Marketing and Sales departments, which means she is involved in many partner-focused activities. She sees Talon.One as a “partner-first organization, where we proactively recommend best-in-class solutions from our partners which complement our Promotion Engine to our customers. Our Partner Programs mission is to grow our partners’ businesses, while expanding the market for custom composable digital experience stacks using best-in-class technologies.”

And Faryal has some exciting partner-related news: “I have been lucky to be entrusted with coming up with the overall 2022 Partner Marketing plan and agenda. We have so many exciting ideas with many partners around the world that are going to come to life very soon in the coming months. A hint: lots of partner focused marketing campaigns, events, and amazing content!”

Teaming up

Talon.One supports many forms of team events which encourage Taloners to interact with each other in an open, friendly and funny way. Faryal remembers one of these events: “The team events and all get-togethers are always memorable - the funniest moment that I can recall is when the Marketing team went for an escape room activity last year. We were split into two groups, competing to solve the mystery faster than the other team. My team and I were so confident that we would be the winners and kept making jokes about how the other team must be struggling with the questions. We ended up losing as we actually walked out much later than the other team. It was hilarious and a lot of fun!”

And does Faryal recommend Talon.One to potential candidates? “Yes, yes, yes”, she replies. “If you’re looking to work in a diverse and inclusive environment where you can bring all your whole self to work and will have your voice heard - then Talon.One is the right place! You will be encouraged to actively contribute your ideas to exciting projects. I’m only five months old here, but I feel like I have already learnt so many new things. I’m looking forward to seeing my growth alongside that of the company. And let’s not forget the flexibility that you will receive to strike a work-life balance.”

If you’re interested in joining Talon.One, check out our careers page.

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