5 Jun 2024

Gamification loyalty program examples: How Flash Coffee gamifies loyalty with Talon.One

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Flash coffee loyalty program with Talon.One

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Flash Coffee is a tech-enabled coffee chain that’s expanding throughout the APAC region, in part due to its excellent use of gamification. Thanks to their rapid growth, they discovered early on that loyalty programs are deceptively tricky to build, especially when they need to be included seamlessly in their other gamification features.

flexible loyalty program can be a major competitive advantage for a business. But it needs to be able to track customer behaviors across multiple visits and store progress in the form of points. Meanwhile, it also needs to constantly evaluate this progress against possible rewards.

Often companies will invest heavily in building their own complicated, inflexible tools on top of their existing purchasing platform and CRM. This usually requires months of dev time to reach even a basic MVP of a gamified loyalty program.

Because speed and flexibility are an integral part of their brand, Flash Coffee use Talon.One to set up and manage all their loyalty features. They can quickly build customized logic for earning and redeeming points.

They can also take advantage of our enterprise-grade capabilities to store and manage points on any campaign with just a few minutes of work.

Flash Coffee's loyalty program

Flash Coffee set up its program to allow customers to earn loyalty points upon every checkout. This can also ‘level up’ their loyalty tier to bronze, silver, and gold.

Not only does each tier unlock new benefits (e.g. a monthly discount for a free latte), but it also increases the rate at which users earn points. This ensures they feel more and more valued as their activity increases.


Talon.One’s easy-to-navigate Campaign Manager also allows Flash Coffee’s marketing team to set up challenges to incentivize very specific actions. This helps them to strengthen their focus on a gamified, light-hearted user experience.

Flash Coffee can now ask themselves - “What do we most want our customers to do, and how can we make it fun and rewarding in the app?”

Cases discussed so far include:

  • If a user buys a medium latte on a consecutive Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, surprise them with a free latte on Thursday and bump them up to the next loyalty tier

  • Incentivize a user to try a newly released drink by granting them 50% off a pastry with their first purchase of that drink

  • If a user opens the app every day for a week, then give them a free black coffee

Let’s zoom in on the first use case - giving a user a free latte and loyalty points when they buy a latte three days in a row. In Talon.One, it’s as simple as configuring three rules:

  • ‍First we mark whenever a user buys a latte on a Monday.

  • Then we check if they bought another latte on Tuesday and also bought one on Monday. At this point, we can also inform them that if they come back tomorrow they’ll earn a special treat.

  • Finally, on Wednesday, we check if the user has bought lattes on Monday and Tuesday, and that they’re checking out with another latte today. Then we add loyalty points, adjust their loyalty tier, give them a coupon for tomorrow’s latte, and send a notification letting them know about their reward.


After integration, the entirety of this highly targeted and complex use case can be planned, configured, and launched within minutes.

The benefits of a gamified loyalty program

Especially in the coffee and quick-service space, there is a huge benefit to getting loyalty right. Campaigns such as Starbucks Rewards are huge cash cows for their brands. By incentivizing the building of buying habits, you're encouraging repeat business and engaging strongly with your target audience.

Introducing badges, tiers, points and other interactive elements are a fantastic addition to any gamification strategy. There are plenty of other tactics you can add to your mobile app to the increase customer engagement of your marketing campaigns and rewards programs.

Using a spin-to-win functionality, which encourages a daily log-in to play a mini-game with the chance to win unique prizes or loyalty bonuses is a common and effective tactic. In a world where data is ever more important, using loyalty to reward gamified quizzs or encouraging shares on social media can also be effective tactics.

This allows Flash Coffee to incentivize the behaviors they want - whether it’s acquiring a new customer, rolling out a new product, driving app downloads, or celebrating the return visits of their most loyal customers. With the gathered data it becomes simple to measure the loyalty of your customers and evaluate the success of their loyalty program and optimize accordingly.

Discover how Talon.One's Gamification Engine enables you to transform customer actions into engaging and rewarding challenges.

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