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Oct 18, 2022

Piero Borrelli

Piero Borrelli

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If you haven’t started using coupon codes in your business yet, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. As statistics show, this marketing tool has fully entered the lives of customers from all over the world:

As you discover the potential of coupons, you might be wondering what’s the best way to create them for your business and distribute them to boost your sales and conversions.

Use a coupon code generator

The most straightforward approach to generating coupons for your application is to use a promo code generator, a simple tool that generates a series of random, secure codes based on some inputs you provide.

Here at Talon.One, we have implemented this quick solution via our free code generator.


If your business already supports a way to manage, distribute and track these coupon codes, then this solution is ideal for you. You just need to use our generator and see your codes exported into a comfortable excel file ready to use.


The main disadvantage of this solution relies on its simplicity itself. You can easily generate codes for your app but this still means that your product needs to have an infrastructure to manage them, as a successful coupon campaign is based on multiple factors.

What kind of budget limits do you want to have for your coupons? How are you going to track the usage of your codes? How do you intend to display your generated codes to your audience? Via a referral system or special day promotions?

These are all essential questions you should ask yourself to efficiently promote your coupons. If your application doesn’t already support the mechanisms to turn this process into reality, your marketing efforts are not going to create any tangible success.

P.S: if you’re wondering how to create an amazingly successful coupon campaign, we have got you covered with this in-house guide.

Implement an in-house solution

If your company is serious about scaling its marketing efforts then you might consider creating a full promo in-house solution, which would allow you to manage not only coupons but also other types of campaigns, like:

  • Referral campaigns

  • Loyalty programs

  • Cart-level promotions

Whenever you want to implement a solution like this in-house, you need to first make a serious effort in understanding whether this effort is worthy or not. 


If your organization can even consider building an in-house solution, then it probably has some highly-specific needs to be addressed. In this case, a custom solution could be a good idea to solve your problems, as you would be able to have full control over the final product and its subsequent releases.


On the opposite side, however, creating a custom solution to address your marketing problems may lead to unexpected roadblocks. First, you must consider the huge economic and time-related effort needed to bring this solution to life. Moreover, your developers probably don’t have the industry knowledge required to create a solution with every nitpick case your company may need.

Even once your custom solution is ready, it will need constant testing, documenting, maintenance and functionality upgrades, which will all be performed by your dev team being away from your core product.

In our experience, building an in-house solution turns out to be much more expensive than projected, both in terms of money and time, even when the project is a success.

If you would like to further investigate on whether you need a custom solution or not, we have created two white papers for you to investigate the “pros and cons of building your promotion software” and the “software build costs evaluations”.

Use a promotion engine like Talon.One

A promotion engine is a type of software that allows you to launch and manage a great variety of promotional campaigns across your business.

When you use this type of tool, you outsource the whole technical management of running promos in your application, allowing your company to focus simply on the marketing side of your offers.


Adopting a promotion engine like Talon.One has huge advantages for your business. The main one is, of course, the great amount of time and money your time will save by simply outsourcing a full solution. Once you use our product, your dev team is free to focus on your core business offer management and development, without having the struggles of running a full in-house tool.

Your marketing team is also immediately ready to launch new offers, as our solution is easily plugged inside your project. Moreover, you get constant security and features updates, saving you engineering time whenever something goes wrong or needs rebuilding.


There aren’t many cons to using a promotional engine. What is worth mentioning though is, for sure, how a solution like this may not be suitable to you when your business has extremely specific needs, and a promotional engine doesn’t fit all of them. Alternatively, you may not find the initial cost worth due to the basic use case you have.


Running a coupon codes campaign is an amazing way to boost your customer acquisition and reactivate old clients. However, creating an effective coupon campaign is not easy, and you need to choose how you will go about this.

In this guide, you learned the considerations you need to think about to find the best approach for your business.

If you’re willing to save money, time and resources, then Talon.One’s promotional engine is the best bet for your business. Talon.One empowers your marketing campaign, enabling you to offer discounts, send referral links, offer coupons or set up a loyalty program for your products or services.

Check out our ebook breaking down 108 promotion campaign ideas, for some inspiration on what is possible with Talon.One.

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