24 Mar 2023

How to personalize your promotion marketing

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You've heard a lot about personalized marketing, but are you doing anything about it? We're going to share 5 strategies to help you personalize your promotions.

If you want your promotion marketing to be successful, you need to ensure promotional campaigns are leveraging the right customer data to deliver the right level of personalization to the right person, at the right time.

Brands that create personalized customer experiences using data and technology are seeing revenue increases by 6% to 10%, two to three times faster than those that don’t. -Boston Consulting Group

This means understanding the wants, needs and behaviors of your customer (and wishing them a Happy Birthday on the right day).

Try incorporating these strategies (all of them we explain in this blog post) into your next promotional campaigns:

  • Demographic Personalization

  • Behavioral Personalization

  • UTM Parameters

  • Real-Time Triggers

  • Location-Based

1. Demographic Personalization

Segment your customers based on demographic categories like gender or location to deliver a more personal promotion.


  • Give all customers who sign up for your service or shop using a specific email address like .edu a 30% discount on Pizza delivery so they can "survive exams".

  • Give female customers a 5€ coupon to spend on beauty products if they have made 5+ transactions in the last month.

59% of US internet users agreed that content customized for them increases their purchase intent somewhat, while another 19% said it significantly increases their intent to buy. -eMarketer, 2017

2. Behavioural Personalization

Create promotional campaigns using event-based attributes like cart size, purchase frequency. If you collect the right data and have the right solution in place, the possibilities for creating targeted promotional campaigns are endless.


  • Send a 50% discount to customers on their birthday, but only valid for the next 48 hours.

  • Reward users who make regular purchases of high value (e.g., over 100€) and have collected a certain amount of loyalty points with a “big spender” discount of 50€ on their next purchase.

  • Based on last purchase made: Give users who have travelled to domestic destinations a discount for international hotels when they make their next purchase.

Pro Tip: Implement webhooks to trigger 3rd party messaging services to effectively deliver your reward.

3. UTM Parameters

These are simply tags you can add to any URL and you can create a targeted promotional campaign based on the source of your customer.


  • You wrote an article about your product and want to reward readers by including a special link at the end with UTM parameters, customers who have clicked the link will get 5% off.

  • Give customers who make regular purchases a unique URL to share on social media and give them a 5€ reward every time a friend makes a purchase using the URL.

  • Give a “Thank You” discount of 10€ to customers who complete a survey about one of your products or services to use on their next purchase, the unique link will only be visible when the survey is complete.

4. Real-Time Triggers

Stop sending mass discounts. Deliver well-timed, personalized and relevant campaigns that lead to more conversions, but also save your marketing budget.


  • Time-limited discounts can be triggered in real-time if your customer’s favorite football team just won an important match, give all customers who have purchased tickets in the past month a 5€ coupon for the next match.

  • If it is bad weather and raining, offer customers a chance to escape with a 10% coupon with unique code RAINY-BERLIN-17 if they purchase flight to sunny destination plus a hotel.

5. Location-Based

Create a campaign to targeting customers in a location based on customer profile data you have collected. Tailor the campaign messaging and refer to local trends, events, weather, and so on, so it's relevant to customers from a specific location.


  • Reward customers who have recently bought 5 domestic flights with a coupon code valid for holiday destinations like tropical islands or beaches only.

  • Reward customers from Hamburg who regularly order food online with a 10€ coupon code. If they “share the love” and give friends who order from a certain post-code, you can give them a unique referral code.

What to do next?

Apply the tactics discussed in this post - demographic segmentation, behavioral events, UTM parameters, real-time triggers and location-based attributes - and show your customers you are actually trying to deliver a better experience based on their behavior.

Today, you can reach customers on a multitude of channels and platforms, but what really matters is sending the right message at the right time.

When you collect the right customer data, you can use it to your advantage in your promotional campaigns, if you have the right solution in place.

If you'd like to learn more about Promotion Marketing, then download our free Talon.One ebook, which covers some of the major challenges businesses face when running promotions.

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