Integrating Talon.One and commercetools is easier than ever

commercetools X Talon.One integration


Aug 15, 2022

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

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We’re happy to announce that Talon.One has added commercetools as our first completely integrated partner connector. In a matter of hours, brands can benefit from a truly powerful software combination and take their ecommerce operations to the next level.

We offer full integration with commercetools so that businesses can use our industry-leading promotions software alongside commercetools’ cloud-native, headless commerce platform.

Thanks to our new connector, integrating Talon.One with commercetools has never been easier.

Streamline the integration process with our new connector

You can now integrate Talon.One with commercetools quicker than ever — you just need three things to get started:

  • A commercetools account

  • An AWS account with Amazon Lambda

  • A Talon.One deployment

Simply take the ready-to-use connector code, run it via AWS Lambda, and complete your configuration adjustments.

Then connect your commercetools account via API, and both platforms will be ready to communicate with one another in their native data structure.

Once integration is complete, you’ll be able to set up the entire range of Talon.One promotional campaigns on your commercetools deployment, including loyalty programs, referral programs, geofenced promotions, coupon campaigns, and much more.

You can even set up multiple copies of the connector for different mappings, e.g. sandbox and production shop versions. You can see a more detailed overview of the connector in the schematic below.

Schematic diagram for Talon.One commercetools connector

Why integrate Talon.One with commercetools?

Talon.One and commercetools both believe that the future of ecommerce is composable. Composable commerce offers a variety of benefits over monolithic ecommerce software, including increased scalability, flexibility and customizability.

The composable commerce approach allows businesses to build platforms specifically to meet their own needs. Considering this shared software philosophy, working together seemed like a perfect fit.

When combined, both platforms provide formidable digital commerce capabilities that can help businesses in any industry.

On one side you have Talon.One, the world’s leading promotions software provider, which powers scalable, flexible promotions for businesses all over the world.

Meanwhile, commercetools is the leading cloud-native digital commerce platform, offering a host of solutions for businesses selling online. With more than 300 API endpoints, commercetools’ headless platform gives businesses complete freedom and control over their commerce experience today - and in the future.

Ultimate promotional flexibility with Talon.One

Talon.One offers business customers an unrivaled level of control over their promotional campaigns.

The Promotion Engine was built to give businesses the power to create any promotional campaign they want. It allows you to combine rules, effects, and filters in any way you want, without any of the usual restrictions you find in other promotions software.

Household name enterprises use our software to power their flagship promotional campaigns. And more and more businesses are using our Promotion Engine to add value to their operations each day.

Now that it’s easier than ever to integrate Talon.One with commercetools, there’s no better time to try out both industry-leading platforms together in one software stack.

Download your own copy of our latest ebook for more information about headless commerce and microservices.

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