6 Mar 2024

Become a Talon.One Integration Champion: Introducing our new partner recognition program

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Big news for Talon.One’s partner ecosystem: we’re delighted to be launching a new recognition for partners, our Integration Champions program.

The program recognizes and celebrates partners who have successfully delivered a project with Talon.One, and demonstrated exemplary commitment to excellence throughout.

For our clients, the Integration Champions list means our customers can more easily identify and work with a trusted group of system integrators, agencies and consultants. 

AbsoluteLabs., Huge and Orium are the first partners to receive the recognition for successfully implementing large-scale projects with Footasylum, a major automotive services company and Harry Rosen respectively. The program is a testament to the strength of our partnerships, and each partner’s commitment to providing exceptional service.

What is Talon.One’s Integration Champions program? 

We launched the Integration Champions program to celebrate and recognize partners who have successfully implemented Talon.One for a client. Integration Champions must meet 3 key requirements:  

  • Strategic Implementation: Partners have successfully incorporated Talon.One's solutions to meet and exceed project goals.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Partners have received positive feedback from the customer, showcasing their commitment to exceptional service and client relationships.

  • Team Collaboration: Partners have effectively collaborated with the Talon.One team, demonstrating a seamless partnership throughout the project lifecycle.

For partners, the program offers 3 key benefits: 

  • Become an expert: Partners all have first-hand experience when it comes to executing, implementing and managing large-scale loyalty & promotions initiatives. This gives you an added edge over competitors, helping you offer a more comprehensive and specialist service to clients. 

  • Set yourself apart: By joining our trusted network of system integrators, agencies and consultants, you’ll be able to showcase your Integration Champion badges across marketing and sales channels. 

  • Grow your business: In turn, fuel your sales with go-to-market opportunities that amplify your brand exposure and generate leads. 

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"Our partnership ecosystem is at the heart of what we do here at Talon.One: only by collaborating with leading implementation partners are we able to provide personalized, end-to-end commerce experiences for our clients. I’m delighted to launch the Integration Champions program, and celebrate our community of best-in-class partners who work with us so closely on such large-scale, complex projects"

Thorunn Devoy

Thorunn Devoy

VP of Partnerships of Talon.One

To become an Integration Champion, our team evaluates projects across 3 key pillars, including: 

  • Implementation: For partners who have confidently scoped and executed new integration projects, and identified opportunities to extract further value from clients’ existing or upcoming technical investments. This pillar refers to implementation of Point of Sale systems, e-commerce platforms or other 3rd party technologies.

  • Strategy: For partners who have guided our mutual clients along the path to a new or improved incentives program, driving wider adoption and higher engagement with end consumers.

  • Execution: For partners who have provided guidance and tech expertise to bring a client’s campaign idea to live, generating traffic, sales, or any other desired behavior. This pillar refers to both use of the Talon.One platform (for example, configuring campaigns, rules and budgets), or the end user experience (for example, producing customer-facing features such as loyalty dashboards, gamification alerts, and more). 

AbsoluteLabs., Huge and Orium first three Integration Champions

We’re delighted to welcome AbsoluteLabs., Huge and Orium as the first three partners in our Integration Champions program. All three have a track record of delivering customer success, and proven skills across the implementation, strategy and execution pillars mentioned above. 

Three steps to becoming an Integration Champion

All applications follow the same three-step process: 

  • Implement: The recognition is available to all partners who have recently successfully completed a project with Talon.One, or who are currently in the process. 

  • Gather customer feedback: After the implementation process is complete, Talon.One gathers and reviews client feedback on the project, and looks at key features and goals achieved throughout. 

  • Certify: After reviewing applications internally with the project implementation team, partners will become official Talon.One Integration Champions.

Keen to join our network of recognized expert partners? Reach out to your dedicated Partnerships Manager to discuss our next joint opportunity, or share it here

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