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Jul 18, 2022

David Hartery

Content Lead

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Why are companies turning to SaaS solutions for promotions and loyalty? How do you decide to buy or to build? How can incentives and rewards supercharge your marketing strategy? How is compliance and personally-identifying information dealt with when dealing with third-party tools?

There are the questions that Laurent Billieres, our Sales Director APAC, answered in his interview with Kalkine Media, which you can watch below.

The key takeaways from this conversation:

The question every engineering team is asking themselves at the moment: should I build my own technology or should I outsource it to a SaaS company. 

This is especially true for incentives and rewards — as every brand is currently launching loyalty and referral programs. 

Brands are increasingly using gamification to boost UX through incentives and rewards — brands are now asking their users to work for their rewards instead of giving it automatically. 

For example, you will now be asked to refer 3 friends to a brand to become a gold member and get free delivery. 

Before, you would get free delivery just by leaving your items in your cart for 2 days and waiting for the discount!

Talon.One is a German company — so we know quite a bit about stringent data privacy laws. 

Talon.One does not require Personally Identifying Information data to operate so we don’t have issues around this. 

Blockchain and Web3 is definitely a trend in loyalty and promotions.

Dolce Gabana is already giving you a physical suit when you buy a digital one!

If you push this idea a bit further, it makes sense for customers to be able to resell what they earned by being loyal to a brand.

I don’t think we are far away from brands awarding NFT badges instead of regular loyalty badges. Eventually, I should be able to resell my platinum status on Quantas, including the perks attached to it.

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