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Sep 14, 2022

Sean McTiernan Editorial Content Writer Talon.One

Sean McTiernan

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mParticle just gave us another reason to be proud to be their partner. mParticle is using its expertise in working smarter to create memorable experiences to create a unique fundraiser for a good cause. 

Talon.One partnered with customer data platform mParticle because of its commitment to helping companies harness the power of their data, accompanied by enterprise-class security and reliability. We were very excited to hear about their scavenger hunt supporting the Red Cross, taking place in London on the 31st of August. 

We caught up with Paul McCord, Senior Director for EMEA Partnerships at mParticle to find out more about their Secrets of The Squares challenge.

Hi Paul, could you tell us a little bit about your role at mParticle? 

Sure, I’m essentially responsible for all of mParticles partner initiatives across EMEA , spanning our Integration and Solutions partners. That means wearing quite a few hats as it engages marketing, sales and enablement across our wide spectrum of partners

How did the idea of mParticle hosting a charity challenge event begin?

I was trying to think of a different way to bring our partner ecosystem together. All of us in the partner space are well used to organizing more formal events or mixers. Our companies are also typically keen to support employees with their chosen causes so the concept of a fun event with a charity to benefit seemed logical

This year you’re supporting the Red Cross, what influenced that decision?

The inspiration was twofold really - I’ve worked with partners in Ukraine in this role and previous and also still have friends there so seeing the situation which has been allowed to develop and recently escalate further made it an easy choice. As a charity that is already active on the ground and helping. the Red Cross is a logical choice for anyone currently supporting Ukraine and its population.

How have the Red Cross teams helped out in Ukraine so far?
There’s more detail on this page for the campaign but essentially since the conflict began Red Cross teams have reached more than 2.1 million people with life-saving aid. 

This includes:

  • 2.3 million kilograms of vital aid, including food, blankets, hygiene parcels and warm clothes

  • First aid training has also been delivered to over 42,000 people so they have the skills to treat their loved ones if needed. 

  • Provision of psychosocial support, and helping people regain contact with their loved ones if they've been separated

  • Red Cross teams in bordering countries are offering medical care and providing food, aid and shelter to people arriving from Ukraine.

You’re raising money through the Secrets of the Squares event? 

It’s a Treasure Hunt in Central London where each team tries to plot their way around a predetermined route by solving clues sent to the team leader's mobile phone. Each team can choose to either finish in as quick a time as possible, or take their time and stop off in one (or more) of the venues they go past or have to find.

Where is it taking place and who is taking part?
It takes place on August 31st , with a starting point near Piccadilly Circus around 5:30 pm and a finishing point (assuming everyone finds it!) in Soho. So far we have around 15 teams from various partners as well as a few teams from mParticle so there will be around 60-70 people racing to finish first.

A race through central London sounds intense, what challenges do you have in store for the participants?  

That really depends on the approach of the team - if they really want to be the quickest then it’s all about clue solving and speed over the ground - if on the other hand they just want to enjoy the experience and have fun then the challenge may be to actually get to the final destination before it closes!

Is it winner-takes-all or is there something for everyone who takes part? 

There are no prizes on the night as the intent is to maximise the funds for the charity rather than provide anything for the winners. mParticle will pay for light refreshments at the end of the event and are also matching 30% of all team fees to top up the charity donation. Once we have totaled the amount, we will invite the winning team to a cheque presentation with the Red Cross.

Do you have any more Charity Challenges planned for the future? 

Sadly, we see ever more need for charities of various types. If we’re being very honest, within the tech sector we are in something of a bubble and I think it is incumbent on us to continue to try and support those less fortunate in whatever way we can. I want this to become an annual event and to grow significantly every year with our partners' support.

That sounds like a great idea, we look forward to what you have in store next year. Speaking of future plans, what’s in store for mParticle and Talon.One?

More collaboration from a commercial perspective, I think an increase in joint GTM activities in particular and ultimately a better experience for our mutual customers in utilizing what we both bring to market - both as a partnership but also in conjunction with our mutual partner ecosystem.

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