Talon.One partners with mParticle to create targeted promotions

Talon.One partners with mParticle


Sep 19, 2022

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

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Talon.One now integrates with mParticle to allow businesses to create tailored, highly targeted promotions in Talon.one using data that has been consolidated and cleaned by mParticle.

Talon.One’s Promotion Engine offers practically endless promotion options.

You can increase customer loyalty, attract new customers, or increase upselling opportunities.

Thanks to the new integration with mParticle, you’ll now be able to use unified, cleaned data from multiple sources to further increase the effectiveness of your promotions.

“Our customers consistently see tailored promotions outperform their generic counterparts. The integration with mParticle allows companies to build highly tailored promotions using data from multiple platforms with ease.” - Christoph Gerber, Founder & CEO of Talon.One

Maximum customizability for your promotions

Talon.One's Promotion Engine can be adjusted to your exact needs, and maximize the impact of your data insights.

It's already being used worldwide by businesses to tailor promotions specifically to individual customers, customer audiences, locations, events - practically any variable you can think of.

For example, you could set up a promotion to target under 25s from a particular city by offering them a discount on a popular product among that age group. You could then offer a referral bonus if they refer their friends and also set up a loyalty program with incentivized goals to encourage them to come back and spend with you in the future.


  • Personalized promotions outperform generic counterparts every time.

  • Incentivized goals encourage users to engage with your brand and increase future spending.

  • Variety in promotions is crucial for customer retention.

How does the Talon.One and mParticle integration work? 

The new integration allows for seamless transfer of data between mParticle and Talon.One’s purpose-built API in a secure, robust and enterprise-grade system.

mParticle allows you to collect, unify, and clean customer data from multiple different sources, such as CRM and BI tools, or directly from apps and websites.

Mparticle Cleaner Code

This data, which can be taken from across your entire tech stack, can be used to build audiences and automatically feed them to the Talon.One Promotion Engine.

“mParticle is thrilled to be partnering with Talon.One. The new integration will enable mutual customers to activate their customer data and deliver more targeted experiences with Talon.One’s Promotion Engine.” - Jake Dell’Aquila, Head of Partnerships at mParticle

mParticle's customer data platform gives you access to all data from your integrations and lets you use it effectively across multiple channels, partners and systems.

With greater control over multiple data sources, you’ll also get better insights and a more secure all-round process for handling your customers’ data. This can be used to make even more detailed customer profiles and even more powerful promotions.

After setting up with Talon.One, you’ll see promotions in a whole new light.

Get in touch if you’d like to book a demo or find out more about the many ways the Promotion Engine helps our customers.


  • Talon.One joins the list of mParticle partners to give you greater control over your promotions.

  • You get better insights and a more secure all-round process for handling your customers’ data.

  • This integration empowers you to create more detailed customer profiles and even more powerful promotions.

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