5 Jul 2023

Q2 Product update: New features to enhance your pricing, promotions and loyalty workflows

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos, Head of Product Management

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos

Head of Product Management

Q2 product update card

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With the first half of the year behind us, we’ve released a crop of new features to streamline your workflows, boost productivity, and enhance your experience working with Talon.One. Top of the list is our Pricing Engine, our solution to simplifying markdown pricing, and means Talon.One customers are now uniquely placed to harmonize their pricing, promotions, and loyalty strategy.

We also have plenty of other updates including our shiny new dashboard view, and loyalty updates that offer added flexibility to your program’s users. Check out some of our highlights below, or to see the full list, catch up on our product update webinars from April, May and June.  

The Pricing Engine 

The Talon.One Pricing Engine is a markdown pricing management solution that allows you to synchronize SKU-level pricing and promotions with your PIM and shopping systems in real-time. Using the Pricing Engine, you can:

  • Drive conversions with real-time strikethrough pricing and product labeling

  • Optimize inventory and drive revenue with SKU-level discounting

  • Centrally manage all price modifications and push markdown prices back to your PIM

Image: A simplified mock-up of how a strikethrough pricing campaign would be set up within the Campaign Manager, and how this would look on a website’s front end.

The Pricing Engine works in tandem with our existing Loyalty and Promotion Engine, and together, they turn data from your customer sessions, shopping cart actions, customer purchase habits and product SKUs into one harmonized strategy across all deal types and channels. Check out our blog post for more Pricing Engine use cases, or reach out to your CSM to learn more. 

New account insights dashboard 

We also recently released our new account insights dashboard, giving you a clearer overview of your campaign and revenue performance. Now, you’re able to see:

  • Total Revenue: The total revenue generated from all purchases

  • Influenced Revenue: The total revenue generated from purchases that triggered at least one effect in Talon.One.

  • Campaigns Running: The number of campaigns that are currently running across all Applications.

  • Campaigns Ending Soon: The number of running campaigns across all Applications that are scheduled to end in the next 7 days. 

Image: A mock-up of our new global dashboard, including total revenue and influenced revenue 

We’re working on adding more metrics and new functionality in the following months, as we continue to iterate and prepare for future releases. 

Advanced loyalty tiers

For clients working with Talon.One to run their loyalty programs, we’ve introduced advanced loyalty tiers: using these, you can guarantee that customers remain in a specific tier for a designated period, regardless of their points expiration.

For example, if a user is placed in the silver tier with a one-month expiration date, Talon.One users can now extend the tier's expiration to three months. The same flexibility is also available for points: they can expire at any specific timeframe you wish. By offering more flexibility in terms of status and point expiration, brands can offer a more seamless and consistent experience for their customers. 

Image: How to set up tier expiration rules in Talon.One’s Campaign Manager 

Transfer loyalty card data within Campaign Manager

We’ve also added a feature to help users dealing with cases of broken, stolen or lost loyalty cards. Instead of using complex workarounds to block and manually transfer data from one card to the other, users can use this feature to copy original card data to the newly created one in a few clicks within the Campaign Manager, and view old and new card data side by side. 

Image: Transferring loyalty data in Talon.One’s Campaign Manager 

Create flexible campaign evaluation groups

Users can now create custom evaluation hierarchies tailored to specific promotional strategies. This feature introduces a new level of control to promotional campaigns, empowering users to prioritize and evaluate campaigns according to their specific needs. 

It also allows for faster campaign creation, as users can quickly select campaign priorities in the UI.

Image: Setting campaign priorities under Campaign Evaluation in Talon.One’s Campaign Manager

Real-time coupon activity notification

You can now create notifications about coupon, campaign or strikethrough pricing-related changes - helping you stay informed, synchronize data, optimize product flows and stay aware of potential fraud cases. The below events are supported with instant notifications, and for more details, head to the relevant documentation: 

Image: How to configure coupon notifications in Talon.One’s Campaign Manager 

Improved attribute workflow

Lastly, we’ve also improved our attribute workflow within Talon.One’s Campaign Manager. The Attribute Selector is a user interface element within the Rule Builder that lists all your managed attributes and cart item filters and makes them available for selection. Users can now control the default visibility of attributes within the Attribute Selector, and hide outdated or irrelevant attributes. This helps users more easily find the correct attributes, hide irrelevant or outdated ones, and is especially helpful for non-technical users who may find it frustrating having to navigate through long attribute lists. 

Image: Where to configure default visibility of attributes in Talon.One 

That’s all for this quarter - be sure to sign up for our monthly product update webinars via your Talon.One dashboard to learn about new features as they happen.

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