19 Oct 2023

Q4 product update: New features to increase efficiency and security for your incentives

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos, Head of Product Management

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos

Head of Product Management


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As we turn the page on a new year, we’re excited to share our roundup of notable feature releases from Q4 2023.

We introduced a crop of product features and updates to make your promotions and loyalty efforts more rewarding and efficient in 2024. Let’s dive in! 

Among the standout updates in Q4 is Talon.One’s Store feature. This gives our clients the flexibility to tailor promotions to suit the specific needs of individual physical or online stores. Using Store, businesses can fine-tune their promotional offerings to align with the unique preferences, purchasing patterns, and demographic characteristics of their clientele.

Keep reading for more details, or catch up on our monthly product update demo recordings

Store-based promotions

For brands with extensive store networks, we’re seeing increasing demand to be able to tailor their promotional campaigns for each individual store. This is critical to offering customers a more personalized shopping experience based on regional and demographic trends and empowers in-store teams to independently manage their promotions without relying heavily on developers. 

Talon.One’s Store enables this level of customization, powering users to connect new or existing promotions to specific stores in a few clicks.


Talon.One’s Store enables users to connect new or existing promotions to specific stores in a few clicks.

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The feature is especially useful for clients with multiple physical and online stores in various locations. Through Store, our clients can consolidate all their sales channels into one cohesive list, linking new or existing promotion campaigns to specific stores. Talon.One’s Store feature also enables multi-brand groups to conduct promotional campaigns for specific brands and stores, providing them with limitless promotion options and opening up new avenues to boost revenue.

Campaign calendar

Managing all your promotions, especially across various markets and customer groups, can feel overwhelming when you don’t have clear oversight - and even more so when you want to give your team visibility too.

With Talon.One’s new Campaign Calendar feature, clients gain an overview of all past, current, and planned promotions in one simple calendar view. 

With user-friendly navigation and handy filter options, users get a bird’s-eye view of promotional activities, anticipate the highs and lows in their promotions calendar, and ultimately plan their campaigns more efficiently.


Talon.One’s Campaign Calendar presents an overview of all past, current, and planned promotions in one simple calendar view.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

As a crucial component of robust security measures, two-factor authentication (2FA) plays a pivotal role in fortifying defenses against cyberattacks and data breaches for businesses of all sizes. By introducing 2FA when logging into Talon.One, we’re adding an extra layer of protection by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing accounts or systems, and significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

How 2FA works at Talon.One

Once activated, users will be asked to enter an access code sent to their account email. The admins of your Talon.One account can choose either of these two options to enforce 2FA:

  • Entering a one-time security code each time a user signs in to their account.

  • Entering a one-time security code each time a user signs in to their account on a new device, and every thirty days thereafter. 


Talon.One's 2FA feature adds an extra layer of protection to clients' data.

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Customized error messages for promotion redemption

Customized error messages help guide customers through the redemption process and address any issues they may encounter. By offering tailored error messages, businesses not only enhance the overall customer experience but also reduce customer service contact rates for malfunctioning coupons. 

Talon.One’s new feature allows you to tailor personalized messages when a customer fails to redeem a promotion - for example when they go over the spend threshold. To activate customized error messages in Talon.One, simply take the following steps:

  • Log in to your Talon.One account.

  • Head to the Rule Builder.

  • Add Failure Effects to your conditions.

  • Choose 'Create Notification' for quick, bespoke messages or go for 'Custom Effects' for full control.


Talon.One’s new feature allows businesses to tailor personalized messages when a customer fails to redeem a promotion.

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Explore our Vestiaire Collective case study to find out how Talon.One powered customized error messages for the French fashion brand, reducing its customer contact rate by 25%.

Advanced tier change notifications

For customers who work hard to stay in a certain loyalty tier, being downgraded without warning can have a big impact on their user experience. Keeping customers in the loop about any changes in their tier status helps keep communication transparent while making them feel valued and appreciated.

With advanced tier change notifications, Talon.One clients can now proactively engage and communicate with users. Whether it's a loyalty tier upgrade, downgrade, or upcoming changes in tier levels, this feature helps build a smoother and more satisfying user experience.


Talon.One's advanced tier change notifications help clients proactively engage and communicate with users.

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Discount-specific items in a bundle

Discounted bundles are a popular and effective promotional strategy for retailers, helping to shift excess inventory while simultaneously offering enhanced value for customers. But implementing discounts across all items in a bundle poses significant challenges, potentially impacting profit margins or diminishing the perceived value of its brand.

With Talon.One’s “discount-specific items in a bundle” feature, you have the flexibility to apply discounting on individual items in a bundle. The discount value is automatically assigned to the chosen item(s) in the bundle.


Talon.One’s “discount-specific items in a bundle” gives clients the flexibility to apply discounting on individual items in a bundle.

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That’s all for this quarter! Stay in the loop for our product updates in 2024 by registering for our monthly product update webinars via your Talon.One dashboard. 

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