Re-engaging your customers: 8 promotions to increase retention

8 promotions to increase retention Talon.One


Jul 18, 2022

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Why should you care about re-engaging customers? As a marketer, keeping customers interested and engaged with your brand is one of your biggest challenges. But when customers stop logging in, you are making a big mistake if you leave them for "dead". It's no secret that re-activating customers is proven to be a profitable investment.

In this article, we will share 8 promotion tactics you can use to bring back inactive customers.

Increasing customer retention by even 5% can increase profits between 25-95%. -Harvard Business School

Promotion Tactics

When implemented wisely, promotions are a marketer's secret weapon - especially for improving engagement. If you are struggling to retain customers, consider developing a strategy that targets users with personalized promotions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

You can do a lot to improve user engagement by implementing a great onboarding process, consistently delivering great user experience and investing in customer support.

But even with an ace lifecycle marketing strategy, some customers will inevitably start to lose interest and become inactive. This behavior can be expected, but don't let them go without a fight.

Below are some promotion ideas to inspire your re-engagement strategy. First, you will need to define what "inactive" means for your business. Remember every business is unique, so find out what works for your customer and tailor these promotions to your needs to achieve success. If you want help crafting your promotion strategy, get in touch!

1. Still Interested Email

Ask customers who have not opened an email in the last 30-90 days if they are still interested in hearing from you. Let them know about new products and offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase.

60% of the average email list is inactive or dead. -Kissmetrics

2. We Want You Back Coupon

Target inactive customers who have made at least one purchase above a certain amount (depending on your business model) with a coupon campaign for 50€ to spend and express your appreciation for their business. A little love goes a long way.

68% of customers leave a company because they believe you don't care about them. -BT Technology Journal

3. Cart Abandoned Email

If a customer does not make a purchase after placing an item in their cart, follow up with a series of emails reminding them their products are still available. Personalize the reminder with the data available and give them a discount code or free shipping if they purchase in the next 24hours.

66% of retailers analysed failed to use any form of audience segmentation, and 56% failed to send abandoned cart emails. -Dotmailer

4. Send a "So Sorry" Discount

If you receive negative reviews or comments online, follow up with customers directly and send a personalized message apologizing for the bad experience. Show you value their business by offering free credit or extending their subscription (or whatever suits your business).

46% of customers were pleased when their complaints were acknowledged, and 22% even posted a positive review about the organization. -Oracle/RightNow

5. Customer Service Coupons

Empower your customer service teams with the ability to generate personalized coupons from your CRM system. Solve support cases in real-time with coupons. Tailor coupons amounts and restrictions to the customer based on the severity of their issue.

86% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. -Oracle/RightNow

6. Share Relevant Content

Cross-promoting another (relevant) service or brand is a good way to re-engage customers. Provide a coupon code for a partner service that will "surprise and delight" the customer to get back in their good favour. When you send personalized messages with relevant and useful content, customers will be much more inclined to consider re-engaging with your brand.

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7. Recommended Products

If you have the customer data, use it. Provide personalized recommendations to customers via email based on their purchase history. Share new product updates or changes to your service and add a compelling discount on the recommended product.

8. Referral Programs

This might sound crazy, but try targeting inactive users with a really great reward like a 10€ coupon if they make a successful referral. If customers decide to participate, you re-activate a customer and acquire a new one.

Implementing Your Strategy

It's common for most marketers to spend all their budget to acquire new customers, but what about the customers you already have? They might be silently "sleeping", but that does not mean you should give up on them.

Now that you have some re-engagement tactics, you can start testing and optimizing your marketing strategy to keep them coming back. With the right incentive and targeting, you can still reach customers nearing the end of the lifecycle and re-activate them.

If you don't have a promotion infrastructure in place, this could be your missing key to success. With a promotion solution like Talon.One, you can easily create and manage targeted promotions to re-activate customers and keep them engaged.

Want to know more about re-engaging customers with promotions? Feel free to get in touch, or book yourself a demo to learn firsthand what you could do for your company with a Promotion Engine.

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