3 Apr 2024

Seasonal marketing campaigns: 9 best ways to benefit from promotions

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Promotions are an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and can enable an increase in sales and boost revenue for your business.

When promotions are targeted, personalized and data-driven, you can craft a promotions strategy that benefits both your business and your customers.

What is seasonal marketing?

Seasonal marketing involves tailoring marketing strategies and campaigns to capitalize on specific times of the year, such as holidays, festivals, or changing seasons. By aligning promotional efforts with these occasions, businesses can tap into consumer behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns that are influenced by the season. This approach aims to boost sales, create buzz, and enhance brand visibility during peak periods.

Seasonal promotion campaigns help you to:

  • Attract attention to your business and increase brand awareness

  • Boost product sales and revenue at certain times of a year

  • Increase visibility among your customers

  • Enhance chances to convert one-time customers into loyal customers

  • Boost profit in an otherwise quiet period

  • Use seasonal and holiday campaigns to increase margins

So how exactly can you make your seasonal marketing promotional campaigns stand out from the competition, build brand awareness, engage existing customers, and gain new customers for your products?

Best seasonal marketing campaign examples

In this article, we share 9 great ways to get the most out of your next seasonal marketing campaigns.

1. Align your products with the sentiments your customers have around that time of the year

'Pull' your customers through smart tailored promotional campaigns that resonate with your audience's needs to find new ways to improve their lives.

Depending on the season, you can create a Call-to-Action for your customers like "Beat the heat next week! Sign up for our newsletter and get free sunglasses when you make a purchase in the next 24hrs."

2. Offer subscription boxes of your products with specific discounts

You can design digital discount campaigns for new products you are launching and attract new customers that are always looking for new products that meet their needs during international holidays and celebrations like Easter, Christmas, or Black Friday.

You can offer, for instance, a 15% discount on new products when your customers sign up for your newsletter.


3. Partner with other industries & brands

Create coupon or discount promotional campaigns on similar products before the holiday season or other national and international celebrations, cross-promote other items, and raise awareness of other services.

Always remember to offer relevant promotions for your customers. For instance, if you sell sports apparel, don’t give customers coupons for a fast-food restaurant.

That way, you reach specialized markets by combining your products with those of related industries. Consider, for instance, bundling flights with tourist attractions, hotels, local entertainment, or transportation.

4. Create product bundling campaigns that resonate with customers needs and seasons

This is a great way to move surplus products and increase sales on less popular items during seasons, holidays, and other celebrations. You can also consider designing offers that combine popular products with a free item.

5. Create referral programs to influence buyer behavior and encourage brand advocacy with incentives

Smart and effective referral programs increase profitability, lower customer acquisition costs, and boost sales. Referrals are a powerful method to ask your loyal customers to share the trust they have in your products.

A good time to ask for referrals is after a successful purchase or sign-up, after a positive review or rating, and after a subscription or membership renewal.

According to Medallia Institute, two out of three Millennials use referral codes or discounts shared by a friend on Social Media, according to a survey of 1002 Millennials, ages 21 to 32.

6. Be creative and combine awareness days with seasonal and holiday promotion campaigns

As part of your CSR, you can create tailored promotional campaigns with customer discounts on your products, and, at the same time, raise awareness on particular social issues, and promote initiatives that support disadvantaged communities.

7. Launch a flash sale just a few hours before a holiday

Build anticipation for new products you are launching with a targeted email campaign offering customers a sneak peek of your upcoming products or apparel collections that include pre-discounts when they buy via a customized link.

Promotion tip: Techniques that promote a sense of scarcity, exclusivity, and high demand can encourage your customers into buying now, and the way you plan your marketing promotional campaigns around these techniques can substantially boost sales revenue.

Create promotion campaigns on your products that offer high customer discounts for a maximum of 48 hours. Use platforms like Talon.One to implement daily coupon and discount campaigns.

You can also do A/B campaign testing to see which promotions and deals are driving the most sales to your company before holidays and events.

8. Capitalize on customer behavior

Collected data can help you further drive customer engagement and better analyze the existing promotions for new strategies. You can continuously test and optimize discount promotion strategies, as well as experiment more with different types of promotions during holidays and seasons.


9. Appreciate your top-tier customers

Treating your loyal customers the same way as your newly acquired customers is a mistake that can cost you their long-term loyalty and stagnate profit. While every customer deserves the same level of respect, make an effort and retain your loyal customers with high-quality incentives by offering them a 15% discount on their total purchase or a thank-you gift for their order.

Make sure to implement tier VIP reward loyalty campaigns to show your best customers you value their loyalty to your brand and offer them exclusive perks.

40% of online shopping revenue comes from repeat customers, who make up only 8% of site visitors.

Final thoughts on seasonal promotions

Successful seasonal-based and holiday promotions can help you boost brand awareness, gain new loyal customers, and increase sales revenue.

For best results, marketers need to not only strategically plan ahead the promotion campaigns and track the performance of their seasonal marketing campaigns every year but also pay attention to their competitor's performances and promotions.

They also must be agile and react to suddenly changing customer demand due to factors out of their control.

What next?

With a promotion solution like Talon.One, you have the flexibility to tailor your marketing promotional campaigns depending on the product you are selling and on the company's goals. You can use:

  • Discounts to activate new customers

  • Coupons to improve engagement

  • Referral to acquire new customers

  • Loyalty programs to increase retention

  • Product bundling to drive revenue

Keen to know more about how promotional campaigns can elevate your business? Check out Talon.One's "Guide to promotion marketing."

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