26 Jul 2023

Talon.One launches loyalty and promotions app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Talon.One today announced that it has launched a new integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the fastest path to unified commerce. The new loyalty and promotions app empowers Commerce Cloud customers to build and run promotion campaigns within Commerce Cloud. The app will be available on Salesforce AppExchange.

Commerce Cloud enables brands to provide personalized experiences for shoppers that span web, mobile, social, and in-store. And now, as part of the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce – brands can deliver completely unified experiences for customers that extend beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service, and more. 

Creating smooth shopping experiences is an effective way to increase customer retention rate. Research shows that the shopping experience is as important as the product or service for 84% of customers. In addition, businesses with a well-designed omnichannel strategy — creating CX across multiple channels and touchpoints- have reported an 89% higher customer retention rate.

The new Talon.One app integrates with Commerce Cloud, giving users the ability to build, test, launch, and manage all their promotions and loyalty campaigns in one place. In this blog post, we'll cover:

Integration features

Since creating hybrid, frictionless customer experiences are the new normal, most enterprises are needing to manage both in-store and digital touchpoints. As a result, they need software solutions in their tech stack, to respond to customers quickly. These tools encourage retail and ecommerce teams to move ahead as a united front rather than two separate work units. 

The headless integration allows customers to manage their omnichannel loyalty and promotions campaigns within Commerce Cloud. The app enables businesses to send cart-level data from Salesforce to the Talon.One Promotion Engine. Talon.One will then run active campaigns and return a list of promotions that automatically update the cart. The app enables customers to implement a one-time setup process for their promotional campaigns, eliminating multiple pieces of middleware from your tech stack.

The new app isn’t limited to cart items. The integration allows customers to have full visibility and control over ALL loyalty and promotions needs including:

  • Loyalty programs: Build and manage rich loyalty programs leveraging tiers, points, custom earning/redeeming rules, omnichannel notifications, loyalty subledgers,  and more.

  • Discounts: Generate targeted discounts leveraging data like user behavior, inventory, user events, and third-party data. 

  • Cart promotions: Cart item filters allow you to create more selective rules based on items in the shopping cart. For example, counting the cart items, selecting specific ones, or sorting them by size, quantity, price, or any other characteristics relevant to your business.

  • Coupons: Create, verify, and redeem coupons; generate millions of target omnichannel coupon codes.

  • Custom attributes and segmentation: Personalize your rewards with highly targeted customer segments. 

  • Referral programs: Reward the sharing experience. Reduce customer acquisition costs by bringing in customers that stay long. 

  • Gamification: Add surprise and delight to your customers’ shopping journey with gamified elements.

  • Product bundling: Bundle different items to upsell or cross-sell. Increase shopping cart value by connecting bundles with discounts and coupon campaigns.

  • Geofencing: Automate rewards based on specified locations and target sales promotions in real time.

  • Rule builder: Intuitive interface for business users to create ‘condition-and-effect’ rules that define the logic of each campaign. 

  • Comprehensive analytics: Different reports and dashboards to help measure and improve campaign performance

Users of the cartridge are able to customize their promotions platform to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns.

You can also watch the demo video here.

“The companies that are winning in the current trading environment are the ones that are looking at the entire data landscape to see who to target for loyalty or promotion campaigns. With our new Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, we’re excited to make it even easier for brands to run targeted, automated, and omnichannel campaigns at scale.” 

Christoph Gerber, CEO, Talon.One

How the integration was built

To develop and deploy the new app, Talon.One partnered with Tryzens to use their integration service Fuse. The collaboration enables businesses on Commerce Cloud to get up and running with Talon.One’s capability faster, reducing the risk of embracing a new technology. Using Fuse, Talon.One’s solution and code could be optimized for Commerce Cloud, driving the complete end-to-end technical development and implementation of the new cartridge. 

“We were incredibly excited to have supported the Talon.One team with the design and delivery of their Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration which makes it both easier and faster for merchants to onboard and benefit from their flexible promotional and loyalty engine.”

Andy Burton, CEO, Tryzens

Our new cartridge puts loyalty and promotions front and center for Salesforce users. To find out more about the Talon.One + Commerce Cloud integration, book a demo or visit the AppExchange.

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