Talon.One visits Lisbon for the Web Summit

Talon.One visits Lisbon for the Web Summit


Jul 18, 2022

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At the start of this month, our Business Development Manager, Marina Porto, went to the Lisbon Web Summit to meet with clients, discover news about some of the newest technologies and learn about the future of marketing and corporate innovation.

The conference was very well organized, despite the enormous amount of attendees, so she had quite a task getting to see as much as possible before the weekend was over. 

Here are just three of the talks that she found the most impacting.

Is it too late to save the world?

Save the world Web summit lisbon

Tough question, right?

With America pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and climate scientists issuing increasingly pessimistic forecasts about the climate crisis, the question that comes to mind is: 

“Is it too late to change our course? And if we can avoid catastrophe, how are we going to do it?”

Kate Brandt, Sustainability Officer at Google acknowledged their responsibility to take action towards the environmental crisis. 

As the goal of zero emissions is not realistically attainable, her suggestion to fight climate change was for every individual to calculate their carbon emissions and cut them by half in 10 years.  

Here are 3 simple ways to do that if you’re interested:

  • Eat much less meat (beef in particular)

  • Use fewer disposable products

  • Shop & travel responsibly

Although individuals alone really can make a difference, it’s also up to us to push governments and corporations (like google) to implement larger-scale changes.   

Marketing in 2020

Lamborghini marketing customer experiences

From the Centre Stage again, globally acclaimed and award-winning marketers from Burger King, Weber Shandwick and Lamborghini revealed definitive trends and stories from the frontlines of marketing in a time of unprecedented disruption.

Fernando Machado, the CMO of Burger King talked about a data-driven approach to marketing and the range of possibilities this gives them in their promotions. 

He pointed out the need to customize coupons, implement creative bundling combinations and create cool new marketing trends to capture the hearts of your audience. 

As well as this, he mentioned how important it is to hire a good team and empower them with the necessary tools they need to do the best job they can. 

Lamborghini’s, Katia Bassi focussed more on the individual customer experience as each one of their customers has a unique value for their brand and special methods of identification.  

As Lamborghinis don’t sell quite as quickly as burgers, it’s possible to store large amounts of data from their clients which makes tailoring customer experiences much simpler for them.

Retrofitting digital to banking

Digital banking innovation

Digital banking is growing faster and faster.

Traditional banks are now struggling to reach consumers, so they’re starting to take measures to catch up with the ever-growing competition.

Claire Calmejane (Chief Innovation Officer), Paulo Marques (CTO) and Peter Zemsky (Deputy Dean) came and discussed strategies and technologies that are being employed to prepare for their future.

It was a very interesting talk about how traditional banks are fighting to keep their innovation up-to-speed, as the Fintech scene flourishes.

Societe Generale’s Claire Calmejane talked about how they created an internal competition to promote intrapreneurship, an in-house form of entrepreneurship that allows employees and managers to take more risks and ultimately come up with more innovative ideas for their bank’s future.

Ciao, for now...

One piece of advice we’d give you if you’re attending next year. Prepare yourself well in advance, because the event is unbelievably huge and it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd and caught up in the excitement.

All in all though, Marina had a great time and brought back a lot of marketing insights with her to share with the rest of us. 

If you’d like to talk to us about your experience at the Web Summit, hear some of our own marketing insights or simply would like to know more about the work we’re doing at Talon.One, then please get in touch

We, of course, also give demos of our product to companies intrigued by the idea of creating highly personalized customer acquisition and customer retention programs straight out-of-the-box without the need for your valuable developers’ time. 

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